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5K Races and Water Stations

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Am I missing out on anything by refusing the offers of water from volunteers and well-wishers at 5K races?

Should I ever be concerned of a potential Waterboy presence, a volunteer so committed to the importance of proper hydration, that he or she might come storming after me?

Should I ever consider using one as practice for water stations on longer distance races?
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lol.gif Sometimes I feel bad about passing right past those water stations, too.

I typically won't stop for water in anything less than a 10K unless it's really hot.
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I'm pretty slow. That said, I don't have time to do anything other than run as fast as I can during a 5K. Water breaks are no exception. I usually forego them with 10Ks now, too.

I do try to smile and say "No Thank You" to the volunteers. I wish I could do more, but time is of the essence in these "short" races.

If you want to use the race as a practice, why not? Just make sure you look over your shoulder as you (presumably) slow down.

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"No thank you" is great, and more than they get from lots of folks smile.gif

I've been chased, blocked, and squirted during a marathon, but I've never had a water station volunteer be overly concerned about me in a 5k.
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Most of the races I run down here are hot ones. I hardly have to break a stride to grab a drink (say "thank you"wink.gif and pour it down the back of my head to cool down for a few moments.

But I doubt you'll be haunted by the ghost of 5K's Past for not taking what they offer.
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Scratch, I dont think youll have somebody chasing you down because you didnt stop at their water station. That said, as someone who has manned a water station a no thank you or a thanks for volunteering is always nice to hear from a runner or walker though.
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I ran a 5K in April that had a water station at about 1/4 mile point. People actually stopped to grab a drink.
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I was being facetious with that.

Although I could see that if one was running in the blast furnaces of Arizona, water stations might be rather appealing.

I often try to say, "Howdy" or "Good morning", when I see volunteers at races.
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I knew you were being facetious biggrin.gif

Speaking of water stations in Arizona, when I ran a 10 mile race the weekend before the Pig, IMHO, they didnt have near enough stations. I was starting to dehydrate and thought I was going to pass out at one point. I dont know if it bothered Pacer, Keriksen or Cactus that much but it did me. I picked the wrong day to run without my own water smile.gif
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I used to wonder what the point of a water station was in a 5k... but after Monday nights 100+ degree 5k, I was glad there were two of them on the course smile.gif
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I can believe that, the way the weather was in the mid-Atlantic on Monday, I think I would have gladly lollygagged through the 5K and taken respite at the water stations.

But otherwise, it's just a 5K, I can hydrate afterwards.
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I pretty much never drink during a race, at Broad St (10miles) I didn't stop at one water station. Yes, dumb, I know!!! But I always try to give a "Thanks for being out here" when I pass. Sun there was a water station 1.5miles out of the run segment of my tri. I took water for sure. And the people at that stop were amazing!!!! Cheering and yelling and so into it! THAT is how to man a water station!!!!
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yep... my thoughts exactly.

I have a friend who runs by the 5k water stations and says to the volunteers (with a smile of course) - "If I start taking water in a 5k - next thing you know I'll want it in a marathon..." It usually makes me laugh no matter how much I'm hurting at that point smile.gif
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