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shin tightness-not shin splints

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Hey guys and gals,

Ive been running for quite a while and have normally just ran through the tightness and pain, but since i joined i wanted to get some feedback on whats going on with my shins.

Not everytime, but a majority of the time when i go running, the front/outside of my shins feel like they get extremely tight and make it difficult to even run properly.

I know its not shin splints, just feels like that tendon is getting tight.
Is there anything i can do to prevent this?
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nothing?? just a bunch of views..
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Massage it! I sometimes use "the stick". Stretch before and after your run will help prevent some of it.
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mmm thank you for the reply.
I make sure i strech it out pretty good everytime before i run, but ill try rolling it.
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The pain you describe sounds like it is shin splints, but I'm no doctor. Some things I'd do (having experienced shin splints in the past):

- make sure you are wearing the right type of running shoe (wearing motion control instead of stability instantly gave me shin splints). If you haven't had your gate analyzed at a running store, do so
- stretch your calves ... if they're tight it can cause shin pain
- ice your shins after every run
- while seated, lift foot and draw the alphabet in the air with your big toe (do this on both sides)
- furniture lift: easiest with an ottoman, put your feet under it and lift up & down
- toe raises: stand @1 foot away from a wall, lean back so your upper back touches the wall as you pivot up onto your heels. Leaning against the wall, lower and raise your toes (you'll start to feel it in your shins)
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I have had a similar problem in my left leg. My shin would get so tight after about 8 minutes of running that I would need to stop. I would limp from the tightness for a minute or two after running, but the feeling went away rather quickly. It took almost a year to diagnose, but turns out that I had compartment syndrome. I had a surgery and have not had the same problem since.
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