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Tips/Advice for Running in Montreal (Visiting from the States)

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Greetings from Chicago! I’m completely new to the boards, but I’ve come in hopes of getting some info from the locals on ideal places for a nice long run (10 mile, 16k). I’ll be staying in Montreal for a week in June to celebrate turning 29 again and at the time, I’ll be knee deep in my half marathon training. While there, I’ll be doing a couple of short runs (4-5 miles, 6-8k or so) and the long run. From the searching I’ve done so far, it sounds like Mont Royal is a must see, although it’s got some steep inclines. This canal I read about, is that the Canal Lachine? Any parks you’d suggest, trails, paths, whatever, would be helpful.

I’ve never been to Montreal before and honestly, I don’t even know what the terrain is like. Coming from Chicago, I run on nothing but flat, flat land.

Also, since anyone reading this is most likely active in general, I’m also going to look into any other outdoor activities like bike rental, hiking, and some water activities (rafting maybe?). If you have any words of wisdom to add, that’s appreciated as well.

Thanks you guys!

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Hey Katie, Montreal is a good place to spend a birthday!

For your long run you can easily run 10 miles on Mount Royal. It's not that steep, but if you're not used to hills, it might be a little much. Check out the Olmstead trail on Mount Royal (it's the main gravel road) on a short run and see if you can handle the incline for 10 miles.

Otherwise the Lachine Canal is a great option. A nice place to start and finish is the Atwater market with its fruit and vegetable stands, bakeries, ice cream counter, chocolate makers, cafes, etc.

For bike rentals you have a lot of options. You can go here, near the Atwater market, or here or you can try your luck with our public bike system for short trips.

Mont Saint-Bruno is a great place for a long run too. It's about 30 minutes from downtown Montreal. Mont Saint-Hilaire is also a great place to run or hike. They have a good range of steep and not so steep trails. It's about a 45-minute drive.

For rafting, stay away from the St-Lawrence tourist traps. You should google "Riviere Rouge" for the real thing.

Some folks on this board used to run together on Thursday evenings, but that has died out. There may be some other groups out there if you're looking to run with people. Or you can try any one of the Running Room stores.

Good luck!
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Thank you SO much. All of your info helps! I was thinking of looking into meeting up with a group that possibly gets together while I'm in town. Thanks again for the links and the info! You've made my trip planning much easier.

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