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Freakin Shin Cramps..

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I took 3 months off from running (sept-nov '09) for hunting season. I started back on Dec 7, and ramped up slowly training for a 1/2 marathon I ran on Jan 9. In the middle of my second week of training my shins got to where they would cramp up somewhere around 1 mile in and losen up around mile 3. This kinda went off and on throughout my training. They actually did not bother me during my race. But they have cramped up every run since my race. I have not done any speed work (not even for the race training), other than today- I did a half mile of hill repeats after a 1/2 mile warm-up. It is not my shoes- I started w/ Wave Elixer 3s, which I used all last year w/ no problems, and on Dec 25 I switched to Elixer 4s, which is basically the same shoe, plus my shins were cramping before the switch.

I don't know what to do. I went for a group long run last week where they stayed cramped for the first 4 miles before they kinda just went numb... Then I iced them when I got home and took 2 days rest before my next run, which was today.

I did gain weight during my time off, but I did the year before also w/ no problems when I started back.

Any suggestions?
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It sounds like you did a lot in a short period of time ramping back up for the half marathon. Lots of ice and stretching. You may want to put some icy hot (or something similar) on your shins before you run to help warm them up before you start. I have had them before and I know they are painful. Just take it easy and lots of ice. Hope it helps!
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I probally did run too much too fast- I thought I'd be ok b/c I wasn't doing any speed work.

The thing that boggles me is that they only hurt when running. A couple of hours after my run they feel fine. I'm gonna do some experimenting this week w/ hydrating and food intake... was wondering if maybe I'm not getting enough sodium?
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I have the same problem sometimes. What works for me is to take nice, long walk breaks for the first mile or so as I warm up... I start walking as soon as I feel a cramp coming on. That is a very hard area to stretch, so walking with long strides seems to be the best solution. So far, it's worked for me. My massage therapist also recommends raising my leg straight out in front of me with toes pointed (while standing). She claims that will stretch the area.
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I have a problem that sounds the same - though mine was too painful to run through like you have. It was diagnosed as exertional compartment syndrome of the anterior tibialis. I first went through physical therapy to determine if I had any major imbalances that could be causing that muscle to be over worked. Nothing was found except a tight soleus in the same leg. I ended up getting custom orthotics and they instantly worked. Years later (now) I've been starting to "ween" myself off of them. Now, I usually run pain free without them unless I'm on the treadmill.

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