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How do I train for a 15k?

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I thought it would be fun to make my fall race a 15k in my neighborhood. But I have no idea how to modify a schedule to train for it. Do I use a 10k training schedule and add to the long run? A 1/2 marathon schedule?

My instinct is to use a 10k schedule and add to the long run. I go back to work next week, sad.gif and may have some difficulty juggling higher mileage.

What do you think? I currently run 25 miles a week at three months post partum, and am willing to go to about 35 miles per week, but not much more than that.
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Hal Higdon's website has a 15k training plan. I gave it to my DH the other day because he is training for a 10 miler.
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Thanks! I looked at the site, and the plan costs $30. Nice little profit margin, there. I think I'll stick with my own hybrid plan.
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Hal Higdon's site has free plans though it's blocked on the computer I am on now, but I am fairly certain there should be a free one on there. I've been using his complete free marathon training programs for over a year now.
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Here's the link to the free 15K plans on HH's website (he's got novice, intermediate and advanced plans)

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For runners in the 1:45 or greater HM time range I think a HM schedule is perfectly fine. If you can run a HM faster than 1:45 then I think a fast 15k course is closer to aerobic threshold, and I might want to do some intervals on top of regular work. For me, I would do the following weekly runs....

One run of up to 2 hrs easy, with some striders towards the end
One run of around 90 min with up to 40 min at my perceived threshold.
Several runs in the 60 min range easy
All remaining runs would be recovery and would be easy.

In the final 6 weeks before the race I might find a 5k race or two, to get a sense of my race pace. These would also serve as VO2 max work, or alternatively I might do a couple of time trials or some 800 meter intervals.
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