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Time for new shoes?

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I've been wearing Brooks Adrenalines almost since I started running. I started in 6's and now I think they are up to 9's. So LOTS of Adrenalines!!!

I had a bit of trouble towards the end of marathon training when I switched from 6's to 7's. Then again going from 8's to 9's. I end up with super tight calves. Also, I noticed last week on my long run that my stride just didnt' seem as smooth, that I was landing really hard.

Currently I have two pairs of 9's. I don't track miles anymore, but after so many pairs of shoes, I know what wear pattern to look for. I know wear pattern is not a good judge, but after so many pairs of shoes, I know that I wear through a certain part of the tread around m250. Both pairs have at least 200miles left.

My marathon is in 2 weeks. I have a calf injury. Even switching back to an older pair of 8's didn't help. Should I think about switching shoes? Maybe there is something "wrong" with the upgrades? Or am I just 2 weeks out from my marathon and starting to taper, therefore any little ache/pain is going to make me think I'm going to be a DNS?
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I would suggest that moving to a new brand/model of shoe two weeks before your marathon is a bad idea. It could help, or it could mess you up further. You just don't know and now is a bad time to be experimenting.

At most I would try and find a new pair of 8's to try out. But I would avoid switching to a new brand or model at this time.

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Trust me, I've looked for a new pair of 8's! Brooks is about to put out 10's. 8's just aren't available.

I kinda thought that making a radical change right now would be stupid but thought I'd ask!
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I'm with Mike. I wouldn't change up now.

But as soon as you cross the finish line, do yourself a favor and look for another brand to compelement your Brooks. Showing your foot a different look in shoes allows your foot to recover from micro tears/damage. And then alternate your shoes so that you never wear a pair more than two times in any given week. Your feet will be much more happy. You calves might be happier too.
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Not sure I agree with this advice. I've never heard anyone else suggest that you should wear multiple shoe brands to allow your feet different 'looks'. I'm on my 9th or 10th pair of Asic Gel Cumulus shoes and never felt the need to have multiple pairs. YRMV.

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And here's some good counterpoints to my thoughts from a source I respect. As always, you'll need to weigh the options and make your own decision.


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I ran in the Adrenalines for a while and there was a drastic change between two of the numbers, so bad that I thought my foot was broken when it turned out to just be the shoes. I am at the end of some Glycerines which at this point feel like I've strapped plywood to my feet. They never felt that cushy to begin with. My Beasts gave me ITBS problems. So, you could say I am all done with Brooks.

Just today I tried on some Asics GEL-Nimbus 11s. All I can say is *heaven*. I can't wait for them to arrive.
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Better if you wait to replace after your race.

Which reminds me I need new shoes! I was in an experimenting mood a few months ago (different pairs for different workouts), so it took a while for my Kayanos to show signs of wear. In the Tahoe marathon, my right calf started to get sore. I didn't think I was favoring either leg, so it has come down to getting a shoe replacement.

I hope you find a suitable replacement for the brand that you wear, 4B!
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Anyone have recommendations on trail running shoes for someone who wears neutral cushioning shoes and goes about 220lbs?
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