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50 Plus Training and Racing - October

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Tuesday October 6

18 miles slow, 46 to 55F

The last 7 days = 110 miles running and 8 hours of basketball.


7:02 AM 2 mile warmup,
20 times 200 meters hard with a 25 second jog recovery, 3 min. jog,
4 times 200 meters hard with a 1 minute jog recovery

HR over 90%

Basketball 4 hours.

Totally burnt.
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Ribs and KS, are you here?
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Uh oh!! fred-ie's here!
They are fred, they must be hiding. I think Ribs is hiding somewhere near Canadia. KS is probably fighting with his wife.

I am running SEP (silly slow easy pace) after some calf trouble.
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Glad you're here Fred.

(I'll be back in a few years)
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hey fred!
how's things up north with all the speedsters in Canada??
training good? still running Billat type workouts?

avoiding injury?
(not me...recovering from a little calf tear, but I did set a PR this year in the mile and the 50K-ha!)

glad you finally crossed over to the dark side aka Kickrunners...tell Tigger and all to come on by
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Home of the desperate housecats

Wow, Fred's here...hi Fred.

Did 4.3 in 48, a couple of 12 m/m and a couple of 11 m/m.

I was going to do a half this weekend, but bagged it. I am just not ready. Might look around for one the beginning of Nov. I will see how I feel after my next long run.

Hope you stick around here Fred, we will keep you warm on a cold winters night...

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Hi Fred and others. I'm in Reedsport,OR.
Will be back on line full again Sat. Keep posting Fred!
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Wow, Fred, I'm impressed with your running!
I'm continuously rehabbing from some injury or another.

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Just got in this morning Fred. Was in Michigan and Mass. this week. Ran only one day the whole time I was gone. So disappointing, but it was an important trip.

Entertaining a gorgeous runner from Alaska tonight at dinner and taking her to the airport in the morning. Will run tomorrow. Spareribs
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Hello everyone!
I would like to introduce myself as this is my first post on "Kick".
I already recognise some of your names from another forum, quite some time ago.....Fred has suggested moving here with a small group, so here I am.

Like Fred, I am Canadian, though until the age of 20 I lived mostly in Africa. I am now 58, with only 3 years running experience, trying to run some decent (relative term!) times before it's too late to do so.
Look forward to getting to know you all.
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welcome Simon!

if you have the time (or inclination) there is a thread with at the top with a sticky , keeping it on the top front page
--"Boomers Introduce yourself..."
which will give you a little background/intro on many of us...

post often and join us in the daily

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Glad to see this thread on Kick (I'm also Canadian although I've lived in the states for almost 50 years). Since I turned 75 I notice that the competition in the longer races (>10K) is pretty sparse. It's nice to be 1/2/or 1/1 but I'm getting lonely at the top. There's still some fast runners in the shorter distances.
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It's been awhile. Missed youse guys.

Tuesday - Hockey night! I smashed by head, banged my elbow and hurt my back. Typical hockey night, nothing unusual.

Wed - 2 x 800m, with 200 rest, 2 x 1200m, 400 rest, 2 x 400m, 200 rest, 2 x 200m, 200 rest.

Thu - 4.3 miles.

I'll be training for the Masters Indoor T&F Championships in March, I think.
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Bout time you moved this thread here Fred.
Welcome Simon!
Yo Arrojo!
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Just dropping by to say hello and maybe have a virtual slice of that pie.
Oh, and to congratulate KS on a great run. Well done sir.
Also Ribs, who has been winning AG awards right and left, in case I missed the last one, so a hearty congrats to you also.

Gotta run now
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Good Lord preserve us, it's the invasion of the Grumpy Old Men.

(It's mighty nice to see you over here)
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Fred- I hope you left a forwarding address at cool running.
Sierra- you coming?

1.25 miles this afternoon. Still a bit sore. There is a long steep screaming downhill within a few miles of the finish.
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Not feeling confident about this tenK I am running tomorrow as I haven't run since Monday. But I did go out and loosen up with just one mile on the indoor track in 8:10, then did my full flex workout, so at least I will be loose. This will be a hilly course and I am looking forward to the work, after having a lazy week. Spareribs
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Dale, congrats on your mile PR.

Yes Billat = sustained high HR.

Thursday - 8 miles recovery, indoor track.

Friday - 8 mile progression run indoors, 2 hours basketball.
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KS, great race. And a huge drop in time from Boston.
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Look at what the cat dragged in!

See you in about 31 months!
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I'm not a guy, but I guess I'm old.

10 easy miles today.
20 on tap for tomorrow. That will be the last long run before NYC.

I've enjoyed being 50 since my rankings in local races went up from 10-12th to 2-3rd. We'll see how many fast 49 yos there will be joining the group soon.
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Home of the desperate housecats

Got a nice 10 miler in this a.m. wanted to do it in 2 hours, did it in 2 hours. Beautiful morning out there today...ran with no music, but brought Mr. Garmie along for the ride.

Splits: 12:25, 12:14, 12:12, 11:40, 12:27, 11:31, 11:24, 12:22, 12:07, 11:49.

I turned 54 today and I can't think of a better way to spend my first day as a 54 y.o. then running 10 miles.
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Happy birthday Liz. Sorry about the typo in your post. You meant 44 didn't you? Spareribs
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