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Costume Ideas for Fun Run

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So, em73 and I are both doing an fun run on Halloween. 6.66 miles. I'd do it in costume, but it could be either very cold or very warm. Also, I sweat like a pig, so the question is what is a good costume? also, suggestions for em/her.


ps, any "sexy" costumes, must include pictures.
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Your choices are

a giant douche....or a turd samwich.
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I ran in a grass skirt once for a Halloween run. It was very light and flowed away while running, so it didn't cause any grief. And you can just wear it over whatever you'd normally wear. Throw on some leis and you're good to go!
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See also Fredrick's of Hollywood.
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I did a Halloween Hash run dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl many years ago. Wore spandex shorts under my plaid skirt, a sports bra under my white button down shirt (which was unbuttoned and tied to crop it), white knee socks, running shoes, and a crucifix on a black choker necklace. Oh, and I put my hair in pigtails.
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Gonna be hard to put my hair in pigtails
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Theia, that's awesome! You got pics?
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Spartans Sweaters availible on-line...

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No good ones. Too dark, can't see the socks, my shirt is untied, etc. I forgot about the ruby red lipstick! So not me.

P.S. I like the grass skirt idea! Easy and fun.
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The dishevelled schoolgirl look...kinky!
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Yup, Batman looks awfully happy in that pic...
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I am running in my batgirl costume again...
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Caveman & cavewoman, of course.
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put a potato in your shorts and go as a dictator
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Just put on make up, use old running clothes that you no longer use to shred up and run it as Zombies.

I meant zombie make up, obviously.
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You could also both go as cross dressers- her with a painted mustache and clearly men's running clothes, and you in a skort, make up, wig, etc...
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I think you should go as 'sock monkeys'
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