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Does Horseradish go bad?

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I've got some that's quite old, but it just smells like normal horseradish and nothing's growing on it. I'd like to put some in my concoction.

Do you think it will kill me?
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I'd eat it.
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I doubt it. It if did...it would probably get moldy, which you would be able to see.
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I think that horseradish is so strong and evil, that nothing could live in it.

By the way, I love the stuff.
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it would have had to have been good at some point to go bad
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If it's nice and vinegary, nothing bad should live in it = perpetully yummy and Nigh Indestructible
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This is hysterical. We cleaned the freezer and fridge yesterday and had this very discussion. I threw it out after DH remarked that it would be hard to smell the difference.I had red( beet) as well as two different brands of white/regular.

I also threw out bags that he wrote LEFTOVER on, as we could not tell what they were or how old.
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How can you tell if its gone bad? It starts bad and only gets worse
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my husband about blinded himself making homemade horseradish sauce one year ... he didn't know to wear industrial goggles

and you people EAT that shit?
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Its good for you. It kills all the bugs. Someone should test it against hiney.
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So damned delicious on a roast beef sandwich it's unbelievable! And I like it on my tomato sandwiches.
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I don't know why but I've never liked any sort of radish ... I like hot and spicy ... jalapenos, etc ... but not radishes
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I'll have to give it a try on the tomato sandwiches.
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It's awesome!!
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Well I LOVE tomato sammiches and I LOVE horseradish so I need to try me some Awesomeness.
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Please report back with your findings!
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I put horesradish sauce on all my sandwiches instead of mayo. So yummy!

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I keep reading the title as "does horseshit go bad"

and the answer is of course not
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Horseradish. Yum.

My first experience though was less than auspicious. I was staying at a friend's cottage north of Montreal. They were observant (to a point) Jews and so we had a bit of a buffet supper on Saturday. I politely asked what the horseradish was, was told by the father to try some. "No, no, take a big spoonful, that's it!" My friend stopped me before I could do myself damage.

But I love the stuff.
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