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Extreme Trail & Ultra ROTW Thread

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Each week will feature a different Kickster EXTREME TRAIL and ULTRA Runner as the RUNNER OF THE WEEK (ROTW). Below is the list of Kickrunners who have already signed up and the week they will be highlighted as ROTW. On Sunday or Monday look for the ROTW thread with your name on it and take it from there. You can use the list of questions provided and do a Q & A format or make up your own presentation for us. If you choose to use the list of Q's you need not respond to all of the questions and, of course, are welcome to make up your own-- -- The list is just a starting point for everyone. Pictures are always welcome too !!

After you have posted your stats, shared all your secret running plans and aspirations with us and bared your sole(s), we will all have the opportunity to respond and pursue a topic, ask additional questions about you that we just can't help wanting to know or just give you a nice warm virtual pat on the back.

** Extreme is a loose term, everyone is welcome to join in ! If you haven't signed up already just let me know that you would like to participate. Send me a PM or respond on this thread.

--Thanks fer playin' everyone !!

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Captain - 8/16/09
njrunr - 8/23/09
merigayle - 8/30/09
mudrunner - 9/6/09
raw~vegan~runner - 9/13/09
steve - 9/20/09
markc7 - 9/27/09
senator brett - 10/4/09
Kip - 10/11/09
Sherpa John - 10/18/09
Just Jim - 10/25/09
ding0jimm - 11/1/09
dg1 - 11/8/09
WillDCrunner - 11/15/09
ChrisG - 11/22/09
cgerber - 11/29/09
RichardC - 12/6/09
1Topodope - 12/13/09
DEturtle - 12/20/09
mfsandli - 12/27/09
jjameson - 1/3/10
runNYtrails - 1/10/10
Pink Tammy Runner - 1/17/10
Last Place Jason - 1/24/10
corrade - 1/31/10
Hanging Jury - 2/7/10
sleepyxc - 2/14/10
katie - 2/21/10
runNYtrails - 2/28/10
edbill - 3/7/10
JJJessee - 3/14/10
shellerz - 3/21/10
roots - 3/28/10
Scotchkee - 4/4/10
tricanada - 4/11/10
Carl A - 4/18/10
divaleh - 4/25/10
Dove - 5/2/10
roots - 5/9/10
tricanada - 5/16/10
JohnM - 5/23/10

** if you know ahead of time that you will not be able to post on your assigned week, let me know and we'll work something out --

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Where ya from ? Where are you now ?

What's Your Sign ?

Do you have a nickname ?

Whaddaya do for a livin' ?

How long you been runnin' ?

Average mileage per week ?

Trail to Road Ratio ?

How many toe nails ya still got ?? How many toes ?

Races per year ?

First Ultra

Next Ultra

Most Notable Performance

Just how slow are you, anyway ?

Ultimate Running Goal

Got a dream event ??

What is the most EXTREME event or training run you've ever done ?

Do You XT ?

Do you have a running idol or inspiration ?

Running strengths and weaknesses ?


A favorite frequent running route

A favorite running event & why

An out-of-town run that you'd like to do again ? why ?

Somewhere you've never run but would like to ...

What does your favorite running shirt say ?? Can we see a picture of You in it ??

What's yer favorite running food

Do you have a favorite saying, quotation or mantra ?

If you run with music, what are some of you fave running songs ?

BEER ! !

Which’s yer favorite ?
What is the most amout you’ve had
Pre ?
During ??
After ?

. . . running that is--


What is the greatest challenge you face in your running now and/or the biggest obstacle you have overcome in the past ?

Have any Trail & Ultra Running fears ?

How do you handle the dreaded “DNF” ?

Trail & Ultra training takes up a lot of time. How do you manage to ...

Do you think we need a reason "WHY" to run ? Do you have one ... or more ???

Do you have any rituals or carry any lucky charms or amulets for your races ?

UltraRunning pets or pet peeves ?

Enjoy or Hate The Taper ? How do you survive it ?

Besides running and working out, what other stuff do you like to do ?


I started running because _______________ .

I don't like to run when _________________ .

I am so proud of _______________ .

My wife/husband/SO thinks I am ____________ for running trails 'n ultras.

I'd like to run with _____________ , because _________________ .

____________ is one Kickrunner I'd really like to meet !

My best line of BS said during a race to encourage a fellow UR consumed in self-pity and thinking of dropping was “______________________”.

--Back in the 80's I'd rather be ___________ than sweatin' it out on on some dumb trail run. Of course, now i know better !!

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this is going to be fun. can't wait to see some of your responses! (:

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I used to run 100% of my miles outside - Its kindof sad - now It is approaching 50/50 - I think I am running 2500 miles per year on TM.
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Do we tell you here if we want to play along??
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