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My turkey is still f-ing frozen

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argh. WTF? I bought it and put it in the fridge on Saturday. The damn thing is still frozen. The outside is a little squishy (aka - thawed) but you can definitely feel that it's still frozen.

Can I put it in a sink of water overnight?

Frick. This happens every year.
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I'd try gasoline ...

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stop up your kitchen sink, fill it with cool (not cold) water, and put the turkey in it (it needs to be fully submerged). you'll need to keep an eye on it while it's in there. and, you'll need to change the water periodically.
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Put it between your knees and wait.
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will it fit in the microwave
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That made me giggle. biggrin.gif

Witchy, I think that's what I'll do.

I'm pretty sure it won't fit in the microwave...
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clothes drier maybe?
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That would scare the shit out of my cats. biggrin.gif
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why do you put cats in the clothes dryer - do they need the exercise?
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To get them all fluffy and soft.
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I think the SPCA SWAT Team will be at your place any minute
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to play with her dryer balls, silly smile.gif
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this is why I bought mine, a fresh one, yesterday, so I don't have to deal with it that part of it.

because I hate dealing with the bird. Ugh.
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If it were up to me, we'd be having pizza. biggrin.gif

diablita - ha!!! biggrin.gif
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I did that yesterday too. And usually I reserve one in advance, but this year I forgot. I got the last small bird just in time!
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We'd always put the turkey in the tub in cool water when I was a kid -- change the water every few hours.... it'll thaw out fine by the time to start cooking.

If it's still a little frozen, it is safe to roast a frozen turkey (unstuffed) -- it just takes longer - and remember to take out the giblets when it's thawed enough
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I might be able to thaw it for you. biggrin.gif
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Perfect advice.
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Is your toilet clean?

What? I was just curious.....

Oh, come on....you guys didn't think.......


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our market had a lot of 12-13lbs birds, but i ended up buying a 17lb one. Which is dumb, but I remembered feeling like there weren't enough leftovers when I made a 13lber before.

But, it does mean that much more bird to deal with.

wyrillco...if it were up to me, we'd go out for Chinese.
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Ours is still slightly frozen in the middle also.

19 pound bird for 2 adults and 2 kids. There WILL be leftovers tomorrow.

I need to get the bird ready tonight and get it loaded in the stove right before my race tomorrow am so Mrs. Boiler can turn it on when she gets up.
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funny, I've decided I don't have time to do a race tomw morning because I don't trust DH to deal with it successfully.
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Go for it! That way you can have your race AND chinese food. biggrin.gif
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Mrs Boiler has been cooking today and since it is a 19 pound turkey she is afraid she can't lift that into the stove. My wanting to race tomorrow messes her up some. Oh well.
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