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Stovetops - coil vs. flat/glass

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We are looking at buying a new stove. Flat tops seem to be the way of the future, but hear that they break easily and are hard to clean when stuff spills.

Any problems in PRT land?

We are leaning towards coil.
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I heart my flat top stove. If you buy the good cleaner stuff, they are not hard to clean, plus you can get stubborn stuff off with a razor blade. No nooks and crannies to dig crap out of.

(and, you can have multi-size and bridge burners, very useful)
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We have had a glass top for the last 10 years with no issues. It isn't that hard to clean the spills. There are plenty of cleaners out there and a little elbow grease will get anything off.
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Go with the stovetop!

I have a stovetop (the flat name) and it is great! We've had it in our house ever since it was built 16 years ago and have never had a problem. There is stovetop cleaner you can buy that works well to keep them looking shiny, clean, and new.

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Oh I wish I had a flat stove! DH's grandma has one and I used it last time I was there.

Go with that.

It seemed easier to me than appropriately cleaning a coil stove confused.gif
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I have no desire to have anything but a gas stove. There is a reason you never see professional chefs cooking on electric.
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I had a flat glass stove top at my old house and LOVED it for ease of cleanup. Like others have said, if you get the right cleaner spills and burns will come right off. We used a glass cleaner that was sold at Home Depot for getting the buildup off fireplace/woodstove glass. It was awesome and required very little effort. Coil top is way harder to keep neat looking.

Just avoid the glass stove tops with "smart" burners. Those SUCK.
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I love my flat top.

Can someone tell me why gas stoves are supposed to be better? I have no idea.

I am going to look for a cleaner like OWC mentioned.
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flat top = super easy to clean!!!
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Go with flat. You won't regret it. I don't think I could ever go back.
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I think because they get hotter faster. But the ones I've used I could never control well and I could never get a nice slow simmer.
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Instant and consistent heat are a couple of big factors. Also, they cook really, really, hot or really, really low.

I love my flat top but would have gas if I could
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You have more control and the pans heat differently...especially on a good gas stove.

I havent cooked on anything other than a gas stove since I was a kid.
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Interesting. My mom has always had gas, so I cooked on that at home. But I love my glass top stove.
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It doesnt really matter when you are chefs of our level (not mush anyway) but it makes a huge difference to professional chefs.

My neighbor was looking at condos with her chef boyfriend and there was one complex that didnt have gas for stoves and he said no way immediately.
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Best range eversmile.gifsmile.gif

Duel Fuel is the way to go if your kitchen accomodates it.
Gas cooktop-heats instantly, more control over temps.
Oven-electric-more accurate, consistent temp. This thing preheats super fast. I highly reccomend it
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I have a glass cook top with 5 gas burners. I love it love it love it.

The glass is really easy to clean, but I have grates and the ease of cooking with gas. Our house was originally plumbed for gas and I've cooked on electric coils before and hated it, so I went with a gas cook top again.
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Are you saying I'm not a professional chef? confused.gif

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You can come make me pizza any day.
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with the proper cleaner, it isn't hard to keep it clean. and i am notorious for letting things boil over.

i like the way it looks but i prefer cooking on coils. my complaints - if you have something at a high heat and then want to turn it down to a lower heat (something like rice) it takes much longer for the temp to lower. for the first few months i burned just about everything. i've since learned to adjust the times on low heat...but it still frustrates me.
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hate my flat top.....however, heard the new ones are much better about spills. I'm going gas banana.gif. Now have to decide if I want a standard microwave or a drawer style one.
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I wonder if the "smart" burners are what my mom was referencing. I told her I loved my glass top. She said that the salesperson recommended she NOT get one because she does a lot of canning and if the pan is a lot bigger than the burner there is some sort of sensor that will turn the burner off. I have never run into that but I don't can and my big pan doesn't overlap the biggest burner.
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We bought one. They aren't that hard to clean. Give them a scrape down, clean off the scrapings and then polish with the appropriate cleaner. My only concern with them is telling if the elements are still hot - the light system on our cook top is counter intuitive. Performance wise my research found that coil tops and ceramic tops performed about the same.
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I had "early" model with the individual plates for each burner.. HATED it... They cracked and were nasty... but that WAS in the 80's! The whole piece ones must be better.
I have a JennAir and like it alot. I use the griddle a lot and have the wok option( with burner which is pretty cool) and will be using the grill more that it is winter now. It is electric, not gas.
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Let's everybody buy a new stove and microwave and get this economy rolling again!!

I like flat top.
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