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Need a new sports watch-recommendations?

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I am needing a new sports watch. I am running 5k distance and going to start swimming within a month. I loved the ironman watch- the one that held phone numbers , ect. Is that one still on the market? I forgot what it was called.
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Yep - I bought my Ironman Triathlon 50-lap model several years ago, and it's still doing the job for me for pretty much all my basic run & swim workouts. $40 or so, and you can get them at retail places like Target or the usual online suspects.

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It doesn't hold phone numbers....I don't remember which model does that, but you may want to check out the Ironman sleek series. Low weight, low profile. A great watch.

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I'm in the market too. Saving up for the Ironmans at Walmart (usually $5 cheaper than Target, in these parts). That seems to be best deal, unless you really need satellite communication.
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I agree......the Ironman watches are the best buy for your money.
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Marshalls had Under Armour watches for $30.
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I had an ironman but the strap broke, I'm working on getting it replaced. Looks like it's going to need to be sent away
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The best purchase I ever made was a Garmin Forerunner 305, not only a great timekeeper, but heart rate monitor and more importantly GPS! The ability to keep track easily online (on Garmin Connect) and even plot my various runs onto Google Earth. They tell you how far, how much you climbed and your average and fastest pace. You can plot courses you run regularly and even run against previous efforts.


It can be programmed for interval training and even to stop timing if you stop to cross the road.


I think I would long since have lost my enthusiasm for running were it not for my Garmin.


Even down to being upset that I had worn out another pair of Salomons, only to check and see that I had done just shy of 500km (about 300 miles) in them.


It may be a touch more expensive than an ironman, but it delivers much more and there are some pretty good deals around at the moment.

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I use a $35 Ironman watch from Walmart.  Has 50 splits, 3 alarms, so it's pretty nice.  Just don't sleep with it because the wristband isn't the strongest.

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if you are looking for something a little bit different then you could always try the new Motorola Motoactv. It is a 8gb or 16gb smart mp3 player as well as a running/cycling GPS watch. it seems a little pricey at the moment but you should check it out.

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