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Potential names for a women's running group

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I'm totally stumped. Brain dead - 'course that's kind of an ongoing thing.

Trying to come up with names for a small group of middle aged women runners.

Our neighborhood is Old Conejo Creek, and given that we're all middle aged, Old Conejo Creek Runners is kind of 'meh.

Anybody got any ideas?
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At Ragnar Del Sol this year there was a team called the W.H.O.R.s -- Women Hooked On Running
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Ol' Conejo Mo' Fo's
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You MUST use the word "bouncing" somewhere in your name.
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Uterii Droppers of Old Conejo Creek

(U-D-O squared-C squared)

This goes back to the CH....You had to be there
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The Undeterred.

...(it's a homonym)
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see, I was thinking along the same(male) lines!

Bounce, Bounce or something to that effect.
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Galloping Gals
OCCC (Old Conejo Creek Chicks)
Runners on the Creek
Conejo Chicas
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Bouncing Betties.
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Middle aged recreational runners
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How did you get this group started? I'd love to find out if anyone in my neighborhood runs, and find a buddy or two.
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My nod to M*A*S*H.

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The fast wimmins?
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Sorry for not checking back, I had to leave right after I posted this. You guys are too funny! The Bouncing Betties! Love it!

WHOR's - ack!

I see these women out and about during the week. We cross paths while running, and one gal I always wave to from my window and she stopped to introduce herself one morning. The idea is that we will run at Wildwood (trails) on Saturday Mornings, as we can make it. No pressure, just a chance to have someone to run with once in a while.

I think my MIL would like the Uterii Droppers of Old Conejo Creek, as she's always telling me my uteris is going to fall out

Wyrillco - I posted a sign in front of my house. There is a stop sign on my corner, and all of these women run past my house so it was perfect. I just put a sign on the Stop Sign saying "Saturday Morning Women's Running Group - If interested in joining, e-mail me at ....." and I put those little pull off strips with my e-mail so they could just put the e-mail address in a pocket for later.
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How cool!

I've debated doing that in my neighborhood, maybe putting something on the side of our mailboxes (they are in one big bank) for anyone who wants to run/walk/etc in the early mornings in the summer.

I hope to get my personal training cert and/or group fitness cert this year and maybe next year I'll lead a boot camp thing for the folks in the hood.

But so far I've only seen one other runner...
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You should totally do it! You never know who's out there looking for someone to run with!
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That was my thought! And even if they don't want to run, maybe they just need someone to be accountable to at 5:00 am. I know that helps me a lot. We can walk/bike/run, or whatever we want to do.
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TWAT: they will attack trails!
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I just totally laughed out loud!!!!

Are you trying to get me in trouble at work?
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(Hot) Flash Gordans?

Just kidding. I think it's so cool you have that group together.
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My womens trail running group is called the Mud Babes... and in the summer when there's no mud to be found we are the Dirt Dolls. We're the female offshoot of the Trail Nerds.
There's nothing better then running with a bunch of strong, independent women, I get such a high after a good group run with my "girls". Have fun!
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what ever name you come up with will be hard to top the club name i saw for guys:

The Floppy Dick Running Club

doing the best we can with what we've got.
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Why use the term Middle aged?. At 25 are we quarter aged, and 75 three quarters?

I find the term and it associations limiting- I am middle aged I therefore should be x,y,z. I don't buy that.

As far as I am concerned my death date is not set, I'm not ordering my headstone and My plan is to live 110 years.
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Easy there slugger. It was old reference from the CH.
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Women Who Run With Conejos
(not to be confused with cojones)

Or just skip any gender-specific names.
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