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Nasacort vs Nasonex vs Flonase

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Any thoughts on which is better?
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Nasacort made my nose bleed, but I haven't tried the others.
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Did it make your nose bleed immediately or over the long term?
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i've been on nasonex (just in the spring for hay fever) for years - ever since it came out. it is like a miracle drug for me. i haven't tried the others...but i am a firm believe in nasonex! i did just recently have one nose bleed - immediately after spraying it. i don't know why - it hasn't ever happened before and hasn't happened since. maybe not related - but hard to know.
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It wasn't immediate. They started maybe after a few weeks?
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What do these sprays do for you?

Sneezy Courtney
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Flonase is not OTC. It's my favorite, but I think allergy meds are pretty individual so try one and if it doesn't work, try the next. Make sure you give it the two week trial period to see if it really works or not.
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I use nasarel, which I think is the same thing.
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Do you squirt it up your nose? That kind of freaks me out.
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heh heh...
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Squirt and sniff. It's not bad. Especially when you know you're going to feel a gazillion times better for it.
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And what does this have to do with Danica Patrick?
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Good advice. I have samples of all and I'm supposed to figure out what I want before getting a prescription for one of them. I guess I'll just work through the samples.
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It's more like squirting a mist up your nose, not liquid. It's a nice way to start the day. Spray, and then breathe. Lovely like that.
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Really? I don't know why I'm weirded out by this.

Lelly, did your doc give you samples? I'd like to try that... My allergies are making me f*cking crazy right now.
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I found that it takes 2 weeks of constant use before you can feel/see results.
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Your brilliance continues to go unoticed.
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Yes, I said I wanted to try something that was less expensive than what was prescribed last time, and I left with a bunch of samples of these to try. I can't remember what I was taking before, but it was pricey, even with the co-pay.
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Thanks. I may see if I can get in to see my doc next week.

Now if they could do something about the friggin itchy eyes.

I'm taking Zyrtec right now, and it's not too bad. But if a spray would do a better job, I'm totally up for it.
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Nasonex has worked wonderfully for me. I'm highly allergic to grass pollen, and I just happen to live in the grass pollen capital of the world. It has literally changed my life during May through July, allowing me to run, bike and generally be outdoors. I also use some allergy eye drops when the pollen counts go through the roof.
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I vote for lelly trying Flonase first.


The Queen of Allergy Sufferers
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Are they RX drops, or just the kind you get at the store?
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I never realized that so many people were on drugs.
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I'm already a few days into the Nasonex. Are you a Flonaser? I can move that to second in line, if it would please the queen.
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