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Aline shoe inserts

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I saw these (http://www.aline.com/) at the Multisport World Expo at MIT last weekend and I'm considering getting a pair. I currently have orthodics, which I hate. Has anyone tried the inserts from Aline Systems? I know stuff like this is all relative to the individual user, but before I make the investment I wanted to see if anyone else had had an experience - good, bad or indifferent - with these things. Thanks!
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The heel looks really high in the back, which could be good if you have an achilles problem, but not so good if you have PF. What are your symptoms? I have PF and use the powersteps at heelspurs.com. Since I started wearing them a few years ago the PF is vastly improved, and they only run around $20.00/pair. Buying the wrong inserts for your condition, like wearing the wrong shoes, could cause serious injury so be sure to start out slowly and only wear them for a few miles at a time until you see how you do with them.
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I actually took a trip to the companies HQ today and was fit/measured for a second time. My orthodics are terrible and I can't use them anymore so I ended up deciding to give this system a try - I guess it places extra emphasis on stregthening the foot, not just compensating for any impalance - which, for me, was in the soft tissue under the toe next to the big one on my right foot - but luckily no PF issues so far! The company has a 30 day return policy so I'll give it a shot for a week or two to see what happens. But I will definately take your advice and get into them slowly to make sure no serious injuries develop.

Thanks for the response!
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How often do they have to be replaced? Please keep me posted on how you do with them. Maybe they're even better than the powersteps.

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They said once to twice a year as a general rule, but followed that up by saying its really dependent on the user. From what I could gather its like other foot related products and you just start to feel the after-effects of a worn out product. They do seem to be pretty durable though. I'll keep you updated over the next few weeks.
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I have a pair for my golf shoes. I was fitted a a golf shop now i wear the all the time in all my shoes. I just order a new pair but whene i recived them there were no wedges to fit them to my feet.But they are great love them.  good luck

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