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This is one of my good friends performing his arranged version of Whip It. Pretty damn cool.
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That was fun. I'll have to show DS - maybe he'll get a crew together for a middle school talent show! (he's a sax player).

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Another Scots band (an all time favorite) - music for a rainy/foggy morning here in NE.

The Blue Nile - Headlights On The Parade - from the mid-80's album Hats. First time I've seen them on video (thanks to the marvel of Youtube). I think I prefer just listening in a dimly lit room with an aura of melancholy romance hanging in the air. Not that that happens much.

Also check out the fan video for Saturday Night (from the same album) - Edward Hopper Vs the Blue Nile - definitely a more visually accurate reflection of their music in my mind.
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Continuing the Scots kick: TCS from "Weightlifting" - their "comeback" album - with All The Dark Horses

Plus - there's cycling in it. No helmet though. Must have had a REALLY bad dad.

Happy Friday All!

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No Youtube clips yet of some of the awesome deeper tracks on Coldplay's latest (just Viva La Vida & Violet Hill) but that's what I'm rocking out to right now.

I'm really digging some of the different stuff they did with this one (less falsetto, some Eastern strings)...a step away from Chris Martin's ubiquitous ballads but familiar enough to not have you going WTF! I swear he sounds like a younger version of Bono in the first half of Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love. If you haven't given this one a listen, do it.
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Hey Hobey! Thanks for kicking it off ...

Just picked up Coldplay for DW - She needed to give it a few more spins before pronouncing final judgement, but I think she was missing the ballady-stuff a bit! I liked Parachutes, but must confess I haven't listened to X&Y and Rush of Blood much at all (beside the radio hits). We do have both of them though...

(They took down the Viva La Vida song....)

And speaking of Eno (trying to shake up Coldplay a bit) - my Friday song is a mid-70's gem with some Roxy Musicians (Brian Eno and Phil Manzanera). The visuals aren't up to much - but it's one heck of a cover song! 801 Live and TNK ... More good I-pod stuff for a workout.
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OK, how about this... Anybody remember Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers? Had the drummer from the Cars and the guitarist from the Talking Heads? (Or maybe is was the drummer from the Talking Heads and...) Ran across this cool little film that uses JR's Roadrunner for the soundtrack. Roadrunner is notable for being based on only two chords - heck, I'd could probably play at least one of them! Just amusing. Enjoy.
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I have seen old Israel's arid plain.
It's magnificent, but so's Maine.

New England - JR and the MLs

Good stuff indeed ... thanks Oven Stuffer!
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Has anyone seen this? Some unknown band is claiming Coldplay stole their tune.

Personally, I believe that they both stole it from Joe Satriani
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Think summer!


And yeah - definitely the Joe Satriani one!

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Special Thursday edition. Off for a long weekend to the RI beaches ... expect to get in a few good rides/relaxation.

In keeping with the weekend's theme:

The Tragically Hip - Fireworks

Nothing to add ... Don't have/know their music, although this one's not bad.

Looks like the video clip is from a Canadian comedy/drama (Corner Gas?) ... Looks like a pretty good show ... Maybe the theme song?

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I love the Hip! Not many Americans know about them except for those who live in border states. Fireworks is actually about the 1972 (?) Summit Series between Canada and USSR in ice hockey. But between the title and the fact Canada Day was Tuesday, it's all good.

Here's one of my favorite Hip songs. Grace, Too
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Hobey - The Tragically Hip are taking over the thread! (REF your post #5 page 1).

Thanks for the background!

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Yes - another summer weekend, another DK's swim meet (age group qualifier) ...

So.... how about a nice homemade video with someone else's DKs to a GREAT song .... I Go Swimming (from Peter Gabriel Plays Live - not sure if it's available on any other disc).

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No great video. Just the song. Something crazy and a little catchy for today.

Plastic Bertrand
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Some classic sly and co
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I saw Return to Forever last Wednesday at the Bank of America Pavillion in Boston. It was a great reunion show. I love Al Dimeola!!

Here is a clip from on of their previous shows. It doesn't quite reflect how great they were but it was the best I could find.

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here's one that ...

is higher energy and I've been hearing on the radio a lot recently


I thought it sounded like Buckcherry ... whom I really like ... but it's JET?
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here's the first time I heard that song...

I didn't realize others had did this one before her till later smile.gif

Here's Sheryl Crow's version:

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Never realized that Rolf Harris played on Kate Bush's "The Dreaming" until hearing this song at music club ... Not too hard to see where she got the inspiration for her song ...

Rolf Harris - Sun Arise
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One of the hardest working bands in the biz ... The New Rhythm and Blues Quartet ...

Have a happy Friday and a Wild Weekend...

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NRBQ!! NRBQ!! NRBQ!! NRBQ!! Those guys have been around for about 100 years. They used to play UMass all the time while I was there. Good stuff.
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The "Peek-a-Boo" Rhino Compilation is a great sampler ... Lord knows why it's out of print ... Available for a mere $45 on Amazon (probably used) - but an awesome collection if you can find it ...

They used to play around CT a lot (Shaboo in Willimantic?), although I never caught them in college days (bonehead). I've seen them a few times since then though ... In Newburyport a couple of summers ago (though not quite the same since Big Al left). Don't know if they'll get together again ...

I always feel kind of bad about Joey and Skeeter as well ... although Kami Lyle's probably keeping him young...
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