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Very weird remix of the Beastie Boys' "Ch-Check It Out"
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Serious??!! Nice! That was their start from CBGBs -- opening for the Stones. They're so damn talented!
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Ok this isn't really a song... err.. well yes it is but it's more of a funny thing and it's on youtube...


Productivity at work was stalled at work for at least 15 minutes over this...

Alright, here's a real one. Rachmaninoff
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Bruce with the Seeger Sessions Band. We saw them in Camden, NJ 2 summers ago. One of the most fun concerts I've ever been to - dancing on the lawn and smiling the whole time.
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Living Colour - A they? or a he?

I don't think of Corey Glover or [touring RS bassist] Doug Wimbish; I think of Vernon Reid as Living Colour.

check this out
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We saw them on this tour (and others) as well. And I'd whole-heartedly agree - what a fun time!! Jacob's ladder was awesome! Great stuff!
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It's a Friday Two-Fer, with a special guest star for Lord John the Oven Stuffer (mawwige) ...

A great scene from the original Brit. movie Bedazzled - funnily enough, directed by Stanley Donen (the American director of Singing In the Rain).

Swingin' London with Dudley Moore and Drimble Wedge and the Vegetations.

Soundtrack composed by Dudley (RIP) - great musician and entertainer.


Apologies if posted before.
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This one is for his ovenness John (Or at least for his boys)


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Dusty Springfield is HAWT! And I am sure my boys will have women swooning...
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The Funk Brothers/Gerald Levert/Tom Scott doing "Shotgun" - from the "Standing in the Shadows of Motown" documentary. Good stuff....

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Shoot 'im 'for he run now!!!

How about The Smithereens with Graham Parker on MTV Unplugged? I remember watching this when it debuted.

"She had legs that never ended
I was halfway paralyzed.

If she asked me to I'd murder,
I would gladly lose my soul.

Well she held a bass guitar
And she was playing in a band
And she stood just like Bill Wyman
Now I am her biggest fan."
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LRR, is that Jeannie Shrimpton? Time for some googlin' ...

At any rate, Graham Parker (the real Macaw) played locally at a bar/club in Newmarket NH (The Stone Church) a few years ago. Really strange when some semi-known acts swing by and play there ... I can't imagine he got more than a thousand bucks for doing it.

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Yup. I Saw Graham Parker and the Rumor back in the day at UMASS - but not since.
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JT is very very cool
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Resurrected ... 'cos it's FRIDAY!

Might have to do an I-tunes purchase of this guy - Pugwash - or Thomas Walsh and friends, including Neil Hanlon (The Divine Comedy) and Andy Partridge (XTC)/Dave Gregory (ex-XTC).

I like the fact that he appears to be quite the regular Joe... (as well as the music I've heard of his - also check out "It's Nice To Be Nice"wink.gif.

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Something upbeat for a Friday ...

A very twee Scots pop band ...

Aberfeldy - Uptight

I've been spinning their first album quite a bit (Young Forever) and am sorely tempted to pony up the bucks for their second (Do Whatever Turns You On - 2006). Unfortunately - import only sad.gif

Good stuff.

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I heard Johnny Cash's "Rusty Cage" cover this morning on my run. I still prefer "Hurt" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmVAWKfJ4Go

This is DS4's current favorite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YevYBsShxNs

And finally just because someone needs to do it:

Happy Friday!
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Rick was the Barry Manilow of the New Wave ... guilty pleasure ... although for better of the same, I'll take Howard Jones any day smile.gif

Good Friday Tune though!

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dire straits, romeo and juliet.

i usually run to a minidisk of the propellerheads that my brother made me. it's fantastic for running to. but it looks just like a nostalgic dire straits minidisk i have. it's awful when i put dire straits in by mistake - i end up running in big, long loping slow strides, and break into an anthemic power ballad phrase every now and again blush.gifuhoh2.gif

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And RE: Johnny Cash - Wow ... I hadn't seen that video before (have heard the song of course). 4 minutes - and a hell of a lot more moving than that 2 hour biopic ... Strong stuff indeed. Not the sort of stuff to load on the I-pod before a run though!

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I did hear this William Shatner cover of Common People the other day.

Interesting yet oddly appealing.

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the beginning of this clip reminded me of the time that another brit and i, wearing shorts and sandals, found ourselves in a cowboy bar in the small town of joseph, near the slightly larger town of enterprise, oregon. we were wilderness rangers, and one of the oldest, toughest cowboys in the area worked with us, so we were 'tolerated'. friday night was karaoke night. we watched the ladies in sparkly clothes, and men in big dress hats, belt buckles and spurs sing their songs.

then the announcement came - 'welshtroll and dave, you're up next'. erm... 'i havent signed up?'. we were pulled up on stage and told that we had been signed up to sing 'god bless america' uhoh2.gif

the music started, and there was a brief moment when the locals seemed to be deciding whether to kill us or help us, and, well, i lived to tell the tale!

i saw frank turner sing live at a small festival last year and he was absolutely fantastic - one of the best performers i have ever seen.
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