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A special Friday music shout out to our own Sparty-girl who is missing the northland.


Saw Hello Dave play this summer at our local Concert in the Parks series. Sitting out on the grass with Moe, take-out from the Thai place just around the corner, watching the sunset and listening to a band ... good times.

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Todd Snider and The Ballad of the Kingsmen.

From a mix-CD a friend gave me not too long ago.
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Cheryl, that's hi-larious.

nearly an oldy now, but still damn good
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For the full Gunther experience (with strategially placed wine bottle): http://www.gunthernet.com/

Looks like the musical equivalent to Borat.

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Phoenix - Lisztomania. The Bratpack mash-up.

Brings a big John Hughes-wide smile to my teen-of-the-80's face.

Happy Friday.

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Randy Newman - Marie

Song that was on a long-ago mix tape from friend. Listen with glass of bourbon in hand - not much of a workout-pumper-upper. See above for that (that brat-pack mashup is the cure for what ails you).

Happy Friday before a short week!

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Another "People" song. Resurrecting the thread in honor of it being music club tonight (okay - on a Wednesday, not Friday) ... and I'll be playing the Trashcan Sinatras... (probably Oranges and Apples off their latest CD, "In the Music"). MClub round 2 theme being "An artist or group forgotten or  underrated or no longer appreciated". Well worth the dosh to purchase their CDs and support the band whose hit single off their debut album ("Cake") was presciently titled Obscurity Knocks...




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Title track off a catchy album ...Destroyer's Kaputt....


A little bit of HS fantasy in keeping with the reunion (I was going to post the Breakfast Club Lisztomania mash-up, but see I already did so in post 107 smile.gif)



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Heard this for the first time a few weeks ago, even though its a few years old.  Good workout song. 





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A definition of infectious pop:



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Mr. Thomas Walsh and Pugwash again....



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O Fortuna Misheard Lyrics



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Nice! I wonder if the vocals were totally unaltered ... seemed pretty lyrically accurate to me...

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Viva Frankie and Annette!


Family of the Year's St. Croix ... Perfect song for a summer weekend...



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The song's damned good ... but the video completes it. Brings a big fat happy smile to my face:





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Geo... I think I might re-watch that one like I do Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid... enjoy every moment and stop just before the ending. :) Definitely well done, though!

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In anticipation of regular Friday Tunes being cancelled due to snow - something with a lazy summery feel:


Ulrich Schnauss - Knuddelmaus

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Just a musical PSA - a nice Wednesday roundup at the Prescott Park Arts Festival this summer for you NNE'rs.


Richard Thompson sounds like a maybe, and I definitely want to see Lake Street Dive (July 3)




Lake Street Dive covers of 


Rich Girl:





I Want You Back:



The originals I've heard are pretty good as well ... 

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Nice Reg!  I enjoyed the LSD tracks!



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Been hearing a lot of glorious female folk/traditional folk and Laurel Canyonj voices on the Beeb over the last couple of years (the Unthanks/aka Rachel Unthank and the Winterset - some very traditional English folk music; First Aid Kit from Sweden - more along the Laurel Canyon lines). The latest I've been hearing and appreciating is the Staves ... kind of a combination of the above. The following song is from their year+ old debut, but just seems to be getting a lot of airplay now. Also check "White Winter Trees". Their voices are divine.



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