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How often do you buy new running shoes?

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Do you buy them from a running store or an online store? How much do you usually or are you willing to spend on a pair of shoes? I am looking for a new pair and just trying to find the best deal...who isn'tsmile.gif
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When they get to about 500 miles. I get them at the running store. I have discovered that I have to wear asics kayunos and a couple weeks ago they cost me $135. I dont go for the best deal because I like to support my local running store so they can support me back (ie sponsoring races, shoe fitting, weeknight group runs, etc)...
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I can't tell you what kind of shoes to buy, but I usually get 400-500 miles out of my shoes.

I am lucky enough to get my model shoe at the Saucony outlet (Danvers MA), so am able to spend a reasonable dollar for the shoe. My model goes for about $50-$60 there. Seen them for about $80 in regular stores.

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Running store. Because I like to support the local store because of their customer service.
About $85, plus $20 for Superfeet insoles.

I replace them when they start to not feel so good on runs. When that is varies.
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About once every three months. I buy mine at the local running store. I'm wearing Saucony ProGrid Triumph 5's now, which cost about $120/pair. I'd say that's about my limit. I haven't gone to the next level of the $160 shoes.
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I buy a pair of shoes about every 300 miles or whenever my knees begin to hurt. Which ever occurs first. I currently buy my shoes from brooksrunning.com because I get a 40% discount. Before that i bought my shoes from halobirdsports.com (not sure of the spelling). I typically don't pay over 60 for shoes and that is including the shipping. I am running in Brooks Radius 7.
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My shoes will usually last between 500-600 miles. Running shoes are one of the few things that I don't care how much I pay for so I will always buy from the running store. My shoes are $95 - maybe $100, but I'd buy the higher end model if that's what I thought were best for me.
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Not for too much longer...cause when they're gone, they're gone. sad.gif Brooks is discontinuing this shoe. I know, it sux. I have my 6th pair of them in a box in the closet. Looks like I'm going to have to find a new shoe. The Brooks replacement for this should be out in a month or two and the model name starts with a D. My local running store guy showed it to me in the '08 catalog, but I can't remember the name.
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500-600 miles. I alternate between my local running store (expensive) and Sports Chalet yearly close outs on last years model (1/2 the cost).

I spend a ton on clothing and socks and stuff at the Fleet Feet store, so I don't feel bad about the occasional shoe bought on the cheap. I bought a wetsuit from them yesterday. Zoot sleeveless.
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I'm glad to see so many people will pay a bit more for their shoes to support their local running store, even though everyone can probably find their exact shoes for less via the internet. Ditto here - I pay about $90 at my local running store, plus another $20-$25 for superfeet on every other pair of shoes. I want to do my part to keep my LRS in business.
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I don't replace mine at a specific number of miles; I replace when my knees start bothering me. I try to always be on the lookout for my shoes on sale and if I can find them, I go on and buy them whether I need them at that time or not. I will pay regular price ($85) if I have to. I've also found them on sale for $60...sometimes less. I buy my shoes wherever I can find them or find the best deal on them...local running store, chain sports stores, online.
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That is the pair I am looking at buying now. I tried some on the other day and really liked them. I don't want to spend the $120.00 for them but I just may do it. They were very comfortable.
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350 to 450 miles. All things being equal, I'll get them from my local running store but if I find a deal I can be easily swayed...
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I have worn Saucony ProGrid Triumph 4s for the last 4 pairs I've gone through. I usually get just shy of 400 miles on them. Tried others, they don't work for me (knees issues, custom orthotics). I buy all my shoes at my LRS -- the owner has become a sort of coach and friend to me, and I want to support him. The 4s, however, are discontinued, and the 5s have a different cut -- which, according to my LRS guy, won't work for me. Since I'm training for a marathon in early May, I don't want to figure out a new shoe now, so my LRS guy helped me find a pair of the 4s online. I pay $120 in the store minus a discount they give me. I paid, with shipping, about $85 for the online discontinued pair. When I need new shoes again, I'll be back at the LRS for sure...
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The 5s seem to be a little wider in the toebox, which is good for me. The men's, at least, run a half size smaller, too. I wore mine for my last marathon and will only lose one toenail, so they seemed to be great! biggrin.gif
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Voo - Is there something different in the cushioning, too? I can't remember what my guy said was different. Definitely the toe box, but something about the cushioning, too, I thought... Do you see/sense a difference there?

I may try the 5's after the marathon...
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Same here. I currently wear Brooks Addiction (7?) and they last me until about 310-320 miles before I have to retire them from long runs. I buy from my local store, because I want to support their business. I would not be a distance runner without them. smile.gif I do tend to buy my clothing elsewhere, however.
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I order shoes twice a year from a mail-order store because the local stores have little selection, if any, in my size, 14D. I used to have to call the local store several times a week to see if an expected shipment came in, and if it contained anything in my size.
One clerk once told me I couldn’t be choosey about selection. Another clerk suggested they could order shoes for me. Heck, I could do that myself. I’m never have had these problems ordering shoes myself, which I have probably done now for 15 years.
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I usually have to replace my shoes after about 300-400 miles because the worn out shoes start giving me feet trouble. I was able to get over 500 out of my last pair (Mizuno Wave Alchemy 7). Since it opened a year and a half ago I almost always buy from the running store. I usually end up spending $90-100 on a pair of running shoes. I just bought new shoes this past weekend - New Balance 768.

If I find a shoe I LOVE and after I've bought it at the store and they don't carry it I will seek it out online. But I generally support the store. They are worth the extra money.
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I get a new pair about every 2-3 weeks. I manage a shoe store so I get a good deal.
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I used to be about quaterly. In Sep last year I got a free pair of running shoes with my Akron marathon registration. They're still going strong, about 500 miles later. When they die, I'm gonna replace them with an identical pair from hollabird sports who has them for $67
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Like others, I always buy from my local store. Perhaps I could get a better deal elsewhere, but they make sure I have the proper shoe and provide a lot of good information not available from big box stores or online. I always have 3 pairs of shoes in rotation, and track mileage on all of them. The most I'll go is 400 miles per pair.

Currently I run in Mizuno Wave 8, but unlike aphigirl, I only get about 350 miles on those. I did recently buy a pair of Pearl Izumi trail runners, and they are perhaps the most comfortable pair of shoes ever.
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about 300 miles. I order online usually. I go to the running store (there isn't any in my town) if my preferences are being discontinued and I need to find something different. The stores usually don't carry what I need (lightweight for underpronator)and have to special order anyway.
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My Asics would last me 600-700 miles easily. But I kept several pair in rotation. Always buying a new pair every other month (typically from Holabird). Just switched to a different shoe, so I'm curious to see how it holds up.
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I think it's different, but it still feels about the same to me. I'm not sure what's different, though. And I do like a lot of cushioning.
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