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Looking for swimming lap watch

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I want to get some cheap waterproof stop watch... saw a lot of them at swimoutlet but not sure what I should be looking for. Most of them seem bulky, and they have a long strap attached... how are you supposed to wear them, why don't they just stay on your wrist like a watch??
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The only thing that comes to mind is a Timex Ironman. I wouldn't consider it cheap though. You'd have to check it out for yourself.
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How 'bout the Timex Ironman Sleek with 50 lap timer (and lots more!) for $40 at Target. Probably even less if you find it someplace like Campmor (or whatever that catalog/site is.) You'd probably do fine with less expensive options, but I love the Timex Ironman features. The name's pretty catchy, too. smile.gif

Hey, posting images here is a snap. Thanks again Kick!
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The Timex looks too complicated, and I was thinking about a totally watery watch, that you can press buttons and do whatever under water... With few buttons so I don't have to fiddle with it at the end of the lap.... So any other suggestions?
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someone posted on the active site before we moved a counter that goes around your finger. I forget what it was called though.
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I remember, it was just a lap counter, I want the stopwatch as well, and ability to store the last 10-20 laps...
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I have the female version of the timex ironman. It's really very simple. If I can easily operate it, anyone can. After you set it up it's just a matter of pushing one button (the biggest one on the watch) after each lap. You should check it out. And you wouldn't need a seperate watching for running.
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Kristine, does it work fine if you operate it under water? Is it well visible?
I don't need it for anything else, I have the Garmin 305 for running, and a CatEye on the bike...
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I have one the same model that TASM posted a picture of which I use pretty much for the pool nowadays.

I wouldn't push the buttons under water, so I've been warned. However, for me it doesn't take but a moment to get my hand out of the water and hit the split button.

I don't know if you want times on every pool length, but for me I've done just fine hitting the lap button every out & back or every two out & backs during my longer workouts.
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I too have heard about not pushing the buttons underwater but I do anyways and have been for two years now with no problems. I also have never noticed any problems seeing the numbers but I don't look at them underwater, I tend to look during my turns (and I don't do flilp turns.)
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I also use a timex ironman watch when swimming. The buttons are easy to push and I can even read it underwater if I hesitate after the flip turn and before pushing off the wall. I've not had any problems with it leaking. The base ironman watches are very simple to use.

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I use my timex, when doing long sets I hit the button every 100 as I'm doing my flip, I also check the split so I can see if I'm starting to slack off. So yes, I'm kind of upsidedown/sideways under water and pause for a half second or so. I really can't see the laps when I'm doing this, so I base my swim duration time on the pace clock which I can glance at as I take my breath and head into my turn. I generally lose track of what lap or number repeat in the set that I'm on after the first one, so the watch really helps. I can't guess how many times I hit the button and looked at the time and it indicated that I did 150 since the the last time that I hit it. Ya think that I could count to two blush.gif

I never had an issue with the watch, the bands get kind of faded.

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Oh boy!
Me too.
Sometimes, if my coach isn't there in the morning, I'll do a warmup, then do a 20 or 30 min straight swim, just to see what sort of distance I can do in that time.

I do the same thing, hit after every 100.....or 150. blush.gif
My splits tend to be even enough that I can tell when I do it on the "review" function of the watch. Then, I count them up later.

On longer repeat sets, I tend to use pool toys to help keep track of where I am. There's nothing worse than having 200 repeats, and not knowing where you are on the 200 ,....or which number you're at.... "let's see, do I have 2 more 200's to go...or just 1?" Yikes!~
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Actually, if you read the features, that thing was a stopwatch, too.

But, I cast another vote for the Timex Ironman. I have one that's even cheaper than the one TASM posted and it works great. It's not touted as being waterproof, but I push the lap button under water all the time and so far no problems. Very intuitive, buttons are easy to push, etc. I don't think I've ever had to read the directions to figure out how to switch modes, set the time, or anything. As opposed to my cheap no-name brand, which I still can't set the time on - good thing I only use it as a stopwatch for running.
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I have an older version of these guys: http://www.sportcount.com/products.php
It's easy to hit the lap counter without looking. You get time for each lap and total swimming time.
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oooh! I think I like that second one (lap counter and timer). I'll have to put it on my wish list.
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lap counter

Yep I'd go with a Timex Ironman watch, then you can use the same watch for all sports. Mine (is not black) changed colours drastically (gross) probably because of the chlorine (?) so I`d suggest sticking to black...

Never heard of anyone using a lap counter for swimming but what if you position your watch on your wrist so that as you streamline off the wall after your flip turn (hands together above your head) you can press that lap counter button on a regular timex watch? I`ve never tried that but I will tomorrow!
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