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Cr Is Back In Business

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Or what's left of it is up and running again!
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This is what I get:

The CoolRunning.com login system upgrade and data migration to The Active Network has begun and is scheduled to conclude before the start of next week. During this time, running logs, discussion forums and profile info will be temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Once the upgrade is complete, you will login with your Email and Password instead of your Member Name and Password.
Learn more!
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Me too. Am I not allowed to play, or what?
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Just kidding. Now it works
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Although I've been outed as a puppet. One I'd forgotten I even had.
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If this is as good as it gets - it stinks. <sigh> I'm so sad they screwed CR up like this.

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"To ensure that all old forum posts are seamlessly migrated over to the new and improved Cool Running message boards, we’ve briefly suspended the ability for users to edit account information.

"We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

"This functionality is expected to return on Monday, 12/17."

So I'm stuck as a puppet.
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i don't consider it up and running until I can login in through coolrunning.com

Until then, it's just a ruse to attack our brains.
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heh... Jamers, me too... one of the puppets I outed myself as last week is apparently what I'm stuck with for now... however, I haven't got a freaking clue what the password is, so I can't even get in until Active.com emails me a new password...
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serves you bastages right.

I kept track of all my puppets and made sure they had their own email.

...I mean that was what I would have done if I had puppets.
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I only have so many emails. And apparently each one has it's own puppets.
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I haven't even been able to find CR after logging in. Not intuitive at all. At any rate, I've moved my log to RunningAhead. I won't be going back to CR.
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I agree - CR and Active both suck right now. When you say you "moved" your log to RunningAhead, did you have to start from scratch, or were you able to import data from CR? If you imported, how?

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Since I'm a newbie, I only had a couple of months of records at CR. Before CR went dead, I printed out my workouts and manually entered them at RA.
If you have a log too big to enter manually, the RunningAhead owner will import your CR log if you request it. There's a thread for that on the main forum page.

The RA log is a bit different than CR, but the learning curve isn't steep. I find the log much more flexible than CR's. Only drawback is you can't print it out (or at least I haven't found out how).

Hope this helps.

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I just got word my puppets are all successfully re-registered, with a string of numerals tacked on the end.

Funny, I never really used them much and some I'd forgotten I had. It's going to be a cruel, cruel summer.
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It seems I have more puppets than I thought! But, when I finally got logged in under the luckylily account, it says functionality won't be returned until tomorrow. Even though the email said the transition was complete. It also does not appear that the threads from the forums were transitioned after all?
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Damn, I wish I hadn't signed up for something on Active.com with the user name Notey. Now my old Notey account is Notey057. WTF?!?!?!

Luckily all my puppets were on one email which wasn't the same one as Notey. I suppose I can use Notey, but my log will be on Notey057. And what's up with the 057? Where''d they pull that from?
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can we contact you here if we need you?
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Egads! I got an email for Jacques Le Strappe! I used that once waaay back when. I've been "tigger" there since 1999 but now I'm tiggertoo. Looks like the admins have no sense of history!
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Hm... I'm seattlegirl018. Are there really 17 other Seattlegirls in line before me??
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where is the new website? i haven't received an email, i'm confused

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I got an email for "NotDogMom" the only other puppet I used besides "TurdBlossom" (although I didn't get one for that puppet).
I don't wanna be NotDogMom!!!
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(I thought I better take the opportunity to lay a dirty lesbian hug on you, in case I never get the chance again.)
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I've been there, and I am sad. Someone hold me.
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{{arrojo}} It is miserable, isn't it? Do you have your ice rink set up yet? It's perfect weather!
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