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How long did your stress fracture take to heal?

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I developed a stress fracture at the base of my big toe in mid August and was finally formally diagnosed today. The doctor said that it would take 2-8 weeks to heal. I haven't run since August. I'm guessing it will take closer to 8 weeks to heal since I have been doing things that irritate it and it feels worse these days. So...those of you who've had SF's- how long did it take yours to heal? How long until you could run again?
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I stress fractured my left femur last November and was on no impact until Mid Jan. and then was realeased back to full training In the middle of March. So about 8 weeks with no acivity and then 6 weeks of limited activity. I returned to hard training by May and haven't had a problem since.
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Did you lose a lot of muscle mass? Even with cross training my dr. said I'll lose a lot of muscle mass- mainly because of wearing a boot.
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I really didn't lose a lot of muscle mass, I continued to lift weights for my upper body/back/abs. I was severely restricted on how much weightbearing activities I could do for the 8 weeks, since I had fractured my femur, but had no noticable muscle mass loss. Do you weightlift at all or could you add it in while you are healing?
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I developed a stress fracture in my tibia in November 2005, and was finally diagnosed (via MRI) in January of 2006. For me it was 6 weeks of no impact plus wearing a boot. I had to come back really slow which took another 7 or so weeks, and the scar tissue was horrible - but once I started getting Active Release treatments I was much better (thanks to Arrojo who recommended it to me)!

I was able to bike and swim (although I didn't have access to a pool so I only biked) and do upper body weights. No elliptical or any other weight-bearing activity for those 6 weeks. I used the Pfitzinger return from injury plan, once I was cleared to run again, and it worked out pretty well.
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I had one in my right femur that took about 8 - 10 months to heal. I can still tell when it will rain if my leg hurts. Good luck. Feet are tricky.
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i had one in my foot 7 or so years ago. it took 6-8 weeks. I was on crutches and in a boot. It hurt for a while after that and even all this time later, it does get achy in cold/wet weather I feel like my grandma.
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Jen, the plan that Jensparks is mentioned is the one that Andi used to come back too. And you saw her race results... I'll put that on your wish list for when you can come back...
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I had 43 stress cracks in my shins back when the earth was still cooling. I was on "no impact" for 8 weeks and about another 5 before I did anything above a light jog.

Shins are an easy fix but toes are a nuisance in healing.
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My daughter had a level 3 bone strain (low grade stress fracture) on her fibula last June. She stopped running for about 6 to 8 weeks and then began with short easy runs. During her recovery she was able to use an elliptical to keep her cardio up. The best info I could find on shin splints/stress fractures was in "The Lore of Running" by Tim Noakes.
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Thanks you guys!
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I develped a stress fracture in my right tibia in early October, and, thinking it was just shin splints, I waited until mid-November to go to the doctor. X-rays & MRIs confirmed it is a stress fracture, so I'm in the boot until at least January.

I appreciate all of the recovery info posted.
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I have a stress fracture on my left foot, I have had the boot on my foot since 7/31/12. My MD says if it doesn't heal I would have to have surgery. I am not planning on having surgery. I will put up with the discomfort and wear the boot.
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