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A Review On: Moving Comfort Women's Flow Capri

Moving Comfort Women's Flow Capri

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I absolutely love these Moving Comfort capris.  I love them so much, I bought a second pair after I had my first pair for a few months.  They're not too thick or too thin.  They're a great material so even though they are fitted all the way down to my knees, I don't feel "exposed" the way some of my other clingier work out pants make me feel.  They also have a great amount of stretch and flexibility, making them great for jogging, running stairs, yoga, strength training, elliptical workouts, etc.  They're also a nice length regardless of the weather outside - you're not dealing with the full pant leg but you also have more coverage than shorts.  I wear them for working out, hanging out in the house, running out to the grocery store, etc.  I highly recommend them!


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