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Hi guys,   I know I haven't been around in months, but I wanted to stop in to see if anyone I know is running today (I know a couple of local people, but wasn't sure about any 30s.)   I will be seeing the lovely Beaker in a couple of weeks, when we head to Pittsburgh to run the marathon relay there.  I started running a bit again a while ago, but life conspired against me...so I won't be moving too quickly, but it's only 3.5 mi anyway (my leg of the marathon.) Theia,...
hey all,   I sorta skimmed the threads from the last couple weeks, although I'm sure I missed a ton.  Life's been interesting here.  Too much to mention and honestly, it's not important.   I had a lovely weekend, at the Wilco festival (Solid Sound) in w. Mass, at Mass MoCA.  It really helped me deal with my mom's anniversary (2 years since she died) on Sat.  Which happened to be the same day ex-DH got remarried.  I'm happy for him, but I won't say it's not weird...
Hi from me too.   Apparently I'm in an angsty, dwellingonbreakups mood, because I've been listening to Frank Turner's new album on repeat for the past 3 days.  Good grief, I am ridiculous.  Heh.
morning peeps.   ruuufffffff morning for me because apparently I don't know that going to live band karaoke on a school night and dragging myself in at 3am isn't a good idea.  Um, yah.  I even sang.  Twice.   Hope you get good news, Ron!   Hello everyone else. :)
You'd want to go to Sat's show then. :)   I like Ra Ra Riot, but I can.not.stand Matt & Kim.  Totally do not understand the appeal. I mentioned this to this guy I know, who's the programming director of a local alt station, and he agreed, even though he still plays them from time to time.  Heh.
I'm going to the Boston Calling music festival on Sunday.  The National is headlining but I think I'm more excited to see Andrew Bird (finally) and Young the Giant (again.)  Of Monsters and Men are playing too, which will be fun.  Dirty Projectors are too, but I saw them in LA and wasn't a huge fan.  Unfortunately, I would have loved to see fun. but they're playing Sat and I can't go.
morning peeps.   I really have nothing to add.  Just wanted to say hey.
KJ, I'll be in San Diego for 4.5 days (3+ are conference days, then travel) and that's it. :(  I've decided I can't afford the time off to travel around So Cal for the week before, and the conference starts on Sun (I arrive very late Fri night.)  Seems unlikely I'll get to see you, unfortunately.
morning peeps.   Congrats boB, Missy and Brandy!  You too, Mindi!   I had a lovely weekend away with my best friend (truly my BFF, we've been friends since we were 8);  we were in Maine at her family's lake cabin.  I love this place, even though I want to remove all the curtains, and clean every time I'm there. ;)  We hiked a bit on Sat (I slipped and fell but landed softly thank goodness) and kayaked yesterday.  The rest of the time, we ate, napped, gabbed, and...
morning peeps.   Quick commute this morning for no apparent reason.  I was lucky and caught the bus, but I actually got to work in under 45 mins by public trans...that's fast.    I costumed a show that was up for an Elliot Norton theater award last night (Best production by a fringe theater); it lost but still...that's pretty awesome.  These are professional awards, so that's def going on my theater resume. :)  I am costuming another show for them in the...
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