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(((((Theia and family)))))
The good:  I came home the momma of a U14 USA Hockey National bronze medalist!   The bad:  I just found out he has been going in late to school regularly...unbeknownst to his dad and me.  Ugh...   The good:  Even your slowest HM beats my fastest, boB!   The bad:  I miss coaching track. :(   The good: I have an appt with a new doctor in 10 days.   The bad:  I'm exhausted.  all.the.time.   The good:  Most of the snow melted while we were in Jersey and aside from...
Another foot of snow in NNY this weekend.  On Friday, I could start to see grass in our backyard.  Now it's absolutely buried again.  Daisy is displeased.  She hates it when her girly parts have to touch the snow.  DH said she walked off the back stairs and disappeared right into the drift.   Hugs to (((((Bobdog and Kath)))))   Anyone got anything good happening this week?
At least here anyway. We got 14 inches last week and another 4-5 on Saturday night. And it was -10 this morning when I left for work. Ok, I'm done whining. Happy Monday All!
Hi All!   I just spent the last 4 days at a hockey rink in Buffalo.  DS's team came home U-14 State Champions!  It was an exciting ride and now we head to NJ for the National Tournament in April.   We got home last night at 2am after driving through a blizzard and 14 more inches of snow is heading our way Wed/Thurs.  I could just cry...both because I'm exhausted and so sick of the weather.   Theia - have you ever tried the Epsom salt soak?  It's supposed to help...
I can't help but think of this guy when I see pictures of Stella.   
(((((Amy))))) That was quite the adventure!  I'm sending you lots of infection free vibes!   Hugs for (((((KJ))))) too!   We had one day this past weekend creep into the high 30s but now it's back in the 20s and falling.  I heard on the radio on my way into work that according to the extended forecast, the highest temp it will reach during the entire month of March is 40.  Ugh.  All this is doing is make me want to book a vacation in a lush tropical location.   BIG...
Sweet kitty! 
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