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morning   I slept in this morning.  Very tired from the week of being up before dawn.   Kath - Megan is doing great.  She is back to her old self and at day camp today!
  Nope!  the wall meaning that 2 p.m. crash that comes from getting up before 5 a.m. and running 14 miles.   It is a really hard wall   ran 6 miles this morning.  The burger and malt I had last night were NOT a good choice and resulted in a major deviation from my route.  Grumble.      Moonie - I have those shoes - I like them   Theia - sad to miss you this weekend - have fun and stay cool   Maria - you da BAMF   Kath - pups are soooooper cute
afternoon   I am very tired   I was up at 450 this morning and got in 14 miles.  Once again it was super humid with a dew point of 72 and the air temp of 76.  When I started...at 5.  When I was done, the temp was 82.  YUCK.    Anywho...the wall is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
update: isn't working :(
Hiya everyone!  I can finally access the site again!   yippee for those getting back at it.   Boo for horse flies!   It is dreadful here as well. I just ran LR pace this morning (no speed work).  I got in 12 and was drenched.  When I walked in the door, the temp was 79 and the dew point 72.  YUCK.    BTW - I am hitting  a wall right now and feeding it with CANDY
Well - pups ate a ton of sand and got sick off of it. She has pancreatitis as a result. Iv fluids and special diet to follow. Sigh
Hiya all. Soupy and stormy here. Blah Kp - nice race! If you have a car, the state park north of the city is beautiful. Red Rock I think Pups is sick . She was lethargic this morning and had drooled / thrown up over night. I came home at lunch and she was barely moving - she proceeded to drink about a gallon of water and threw up every 20 min. Now she is sleeping, wont eat or drink. I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow. Poor pup
Dudes - I cannot even open the website at work - it throws an error and crashes every single time Needless to say I am behind! Did 11 miles last night. It was sunny muggy an about 85 out. I was soaked through by the end of it. I opted to pop the top about 4 miles in but I felt weird coming back to my car parked next to my office with people still in it. Oh well Recovery miles tonight! Maria - nice improvement! At first I just saw the responses and thought that you...
Hiya guys Hill repeats in supah muggy weather = headache. Argh Kath - yes they want me to not exclude gluten and see if I continue to have issues. I think it is bs. My biggest bouts come after greasy food not gluten. Sigh. I think it is just an easy answer for them
Hi guys My computer browser keeps on crashing so this is via phone. Tests came back neg for everything but a benign cyst on my kidney. They are thinking now gluten intolerance and want me to eat clean but not gluten free for awhile and see what happens.
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