Wednesday, Apr. 4 - WORKOUTS! -
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Good morning, TEAM LIT!


Yoshi: Sorry to hear about the lingering injury. Maybe you switchover to a focus of cycling and swimming, assuming the injury doesn't impact either of those. When I was doing triathlon hardcore, that's exactly what I would do when faced with an injury like that. I'd use it as an opportunity to, say, get monster strong on the bike.




Might have an opportunity to get into Big Sur this year through their B2B (Boston 2 Big Sur) program. Wife doesn't want to fly. Want to do it but feeling bad about taking such a fun trip without her. Gotta decide soon. Two weeks after Boston. Fun. Big Sur is on my list of must-do-one-day races.


Last speed session before Boston, and last perhaps until fall, as the mountains and trails are calling!


12 mile speed session early this morning in 1:27:32:

o WU - ~2.5 mile run to park (23:42)

o 2 x 3 miles @ ~6:20 pace w/.5 mile jog


1 - 6:19, 6:20

2 - 6:17, 6:21

3 - 6:21, 6:25

o CD - ~2.5 miles home (16:53)

*Pace aggressive but not all out. Call it HM pace.

**Bottom of foot hurting since Sunday, and although it didn't get worse, it doesn't feel good.

***Strong pace on the return leg home; this shows me my fitness is good.


Great day, friends!

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Morning all:


65 minutes on the trainer this a.m.  Woke up late so no strength work.  May try to get it in after work.  Hubster is at the Met for a day trip with his furniture making class to study some furniture and won't be home til late.  Might as well make use of the time alone I think.  No need to plan dinner or anything for just myself.


Yoshi, Em, Cak, TASM: Keep healing.

Sparty: How is the 100 mile goal coming? I admire your spirit.

Geo:  I still don't have the pedals on my bike yet.  I'm sure I'll get out there after the Wallis Sands half marathon in May though. 


Great day to all.  For those running Boston happy pending taper.

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Nice run, Thor - always feels great to get that last big workout in before race day!  Sorry to hear about the sore foot - bleh, too much of that going around.  I know this is hard to do, since I run way early too, but try adding a 5-10 minute walk before you strike off for your run to warm up your feet and ankle muscles.  The sports doc recommended this as I come back to running and I can feel a big difference in my stride when I start running.  I'm going to keep it as part of my program going forward. 


(Maybe everyone else does this, but I roll out of bed half asleep, get dressed, out the door and plod for a while until I'm awake.  Not so great if you are a toe striker like I am, as the metatarsals take the brunt of the force until everything else warms up and helps out)


Been MIA for a bit, but working out.  Lots of cross training and slowly adding running back into the program as I recover from this stress fx.  One hour on the arc trainer followed by yoga class this morning. Tomorrow I get to run 3 x 10 minutes!


Yo Sake, I'm sorry to hear about your injury and hope you get some answers and a good plan going forward from the Dr. It was almost a relief to see the x-rays and be handed an 10 week plan to start getting back to where I want to be with my running.  You will get this figured out and come back stronger than before! 


Everyone have a great day - the week is almost half over!

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Going to see my coach/PT today for some inspiriation and hopefully a path forward to figuring out this thing going on with my foot...


Might try 5 min walk prior to my runs...we'll see


4.4 miles last night w/6x90 sec hard intervals thrown in...surprisingly enough this didn't bother my foot (much)


Trainer later on today after my appt w/PT

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18 mile ride at lunch. Mid 16s in brutal wind - so not entirely pleasant. MQ - on days like this, it's smart holding off from early spring riding .











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Hi gang...this week has been crazy so I need to catch up, but sounds like some healing vibes are on order!!! Hang in there with the injuries everyone!!!


Thor - a friend of mine did B2B last year and had a ball! She said Big Sur was awesome. Tough, but awesome.


Tuesday - 40 min tempo run of sorts...first 30 on the TM, then finished up with the pooch outdoors

Today - 7m run with hill intervals on the TM


Have a great day all!!!



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Thor - yep, that is my exact plan. I have heard about B2B - what a fun! Sounds like a beautiful course too.
Hawk - yeah sometimes a clear diagnose (I.e. Something broken) is easier to take... But I feel ur pain too. Keep up the good work with cross training!

Decided to see a doc tomorrow.
1hr on the fat tire on the dirt road. I'm so not interested in hitting the road on the skinny tires - not sure what it is, whether a fear of cars, not want to deal with possible flats, or mtb being plain fun. My neck, shoulders and wrists have to get used to the rough ride of the singletrack so riding hard on the bumpy dirt road will be good for me. Ended up riding hard intervals (5-10min) with a few min recovery.
Will do some yoga later.
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Hawk - glad you're checking back in, hope the recovery is going well!

Yoshiko - hope you get some answers at the doctor's

Thor - DO IT...I'm kind of an enabler.  smile.gif

MQ - Thanks, I'm getting there!


1.4mi today after work.  I have done 12 miles so far on my quest to 100mi with just a touch over 18 weeks to go.  It gives me something to work toward.


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Sparty - awesome way to keep your fitness and working toward the goal. Very proud of you. I bet the labor will be quick and easy!
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DS1 Twisted his knee again last night, so work cut short and had to get him to Doc. they won't let kids in school with crutches without a doctors note. stupid. Anyway, this and a grumpy azz ds2 meant I got screwed out of masters swim tonight ;( And it was pasta night.


so unscheduled rest.

- If you think you can't, you're right.
- Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
- REJOICE and Whine not! For today you are doing that which most only dream.


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Thanks MQ, for the healing vibes. That, combined with the Z-pack I finally got, should finally do the trick. 


I did squat on Tuesday (workout-wise, too much work-wise).


Wednesday night I made got to spend about 45 minutes juggling... the best part, of course, with club passing. So much fun. And quite a brain workout, too, as the guy who was throwing things at me started adding in all sorts of tricks, which require making on the fly adjustments to the catching end of things. 


Thor, tell Heather what a magical couple's trip (Anniversary trip!) Big Sur could be. If your toe isn't up for it this year, maybe you can focus on start talking her into it for next year. 

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Daily run




20m 20s - 2.28 miles - 08m 55s/Mi

4:30 PM

Equipment: Brooks PureFlow

Warm/upper 50s - Sunny and light wind. Crawford/Puckett/Security/Willis/Watson/path/Upton/home. Easy effort. Stretching afterward.

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Made it to the pool for masters swim!  3200y total.

Ended up having to regroup with my lane mate before or after the 50s in each pyramid, so snuck in some extra rest.



800 as 100 free, 100 stroke, 100 free drill, 100 stroke drill


free for the following, 1st 25 breathe every 5, last 25 fast, everything in between fists

200 on 3:40

150 on 2:45

100 on 1:50

50 on :55

100 on 1:50

150 on 2:45

200 on 3:40


50 free ez


all free

200 on 4:00

2 x150 on 2:45

100 on 1:50

4x50 on :55

100 on 1:50

2x150 on 2:45

200 on 4:00

Cheryl (aka cake)
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