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Good Morning,


I hit the snooze button for an  hour and I am still tired.  Ugh.  About to head out for another 3 mile run/walk combo.  


I took the truck in to get the check engine light fixed yesterday and my bank account is now empty.



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Leaping Lizards!!


6.25 miles this morning in a .25 walk/ .50 mile jog.  Avg pace 11:50   Would have been a bit faster but the girl I kept company ran out of steam about half way.  :)


68 degrees, overcast, and a bit of wind.  We've been begging for rain for over a year.  Along with rain we get big mosquitos.  They fed on us during the walking parts.  I am obviously yummy.

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..ks//....take a garlic tab before the walk, you'll be less yummy.....




60min hike and 24min poolrun


was surprised I was this sore after a week of NOTHING////


my dad

comes home tomorrow,

and he told my brother last night

''I can beat this''


..................just what I would have expected from him.......



............good running guys

.....nothing takes the place of persistence.....
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Sounds like your dad is as tough as you are, TW!


More progress for FB and KS.


Small setback for me.  Podiatrist had taped my foot and told me to run.  It's been snowing/raining/freezing rain all day, so stayed in on the new TM.  Despite the tape (or because of it), the metatarsals complained big time, even with a change in shoes.  Stopped at 4 miles. Off came the tape.  Harumph!

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Hi all, yesterday's rain turned into todays snow....since no one is ever going to mistake me for Heme, I planned on going to the gym again for some TM running. I made it down to the bottom of the driveway where a pine tree was down, blocking my way out.....backed home, got the chain saw and took care of the problem. Since I had the saw out and fired up, I figured it'd cut up some other down trees while I was at it.......never did make it to the gym. There's always tomorrow.


Sounds like the senior White has a good attitude.



the difference between veteran runners and other folks is Discipline in ReHab-tomwhite
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