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Things Runners Wish Non Runners Knew

1. We are pedestrians. Pedestrians have the right of way. Therefore, we have the right of way.


2. It is not only impolite but also dangerous to drive so close to us that we could punch, I mean touch your car if we wanted to. Move over and give us a bit of space. If someone is approaching from the opposite direction that prohibits you from moving over a few inches, you may have to slow down until they pass. You'll survive. I promise.


3. On a track, the inner lanes are reserved for the fastest runners. If you are walking, walk on the outside lanes so that we don't have to weave around you during our intervals. Please and thank you.


4. Related to #3... If we politely ask you if you'd mind moving over so that we could run in one lane all the way around, the proper response is never an eye roll.


5. Running isn't bad for us. It's actually quite good for us. Lots of good stuff happens when we run -- calorie burn, weight maintenance or loss, improved cardiovascular capacity, higher metabolism, lower stress, improved musculature, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, higher bone density, and more. Look it up if you don't believe me.


6. If we're running up a steep hill, please don't stop us to ask for directions. If we stop to help you, chances are pretty good we won't be able to start again. So just wait at the top, pull over, and we'll be happy to help you. At that point, we may even welcome a little break. :)


7. Many runners love dogs.  However, I'm pretty confident I speak for all runners when I say we don't want them to chase us. Keep your dog on a leash if it can't be trusted to stay by your side. And those retractable leashes? Please retract them.  Just because your dog is on a leash doesn't automatically mean you're behaving like a responsible pet owner. If the leash is ten feet long and the dog is interfering with our movement or progress, we will tell you about it. And we may not be nice.


8. On a trail or in a race, please don't walk or run 6-across. Or even 3-across. On a busy stretch, whether it's a narrow trail, busy road, or race, go single file when someone is approaching.


9. Please let us pass you. If you hear "On your left," it means a runner is coming up from behind you and going faster than you are. Simply move to your right (remember the single file suggestion?) and let us pass.


10. Remember that to us, running is as important as eating, sleeping, and breathing. It's a lifestyle, a choice we've made to live our lives a certain (healthy) way. 

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Love it love it, thanks Theia!! And...one more if you don't mind: we know we are a little crazy (everyone is in some way) and you don't run "unless being chased". But the truth is, we are all being chased by something: stress, time, even people we love who need things from us. This is how we deal with our "crazy" parts.
11. Marathons are 26.2 miles long. Half marathons are 13.1 miles long. These distances don't change because the race venue changes.
KickRunners.com › Articles › Things Runners Wish Non Runners Knew