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Running Shoes

Which Shoe Is Best For Me?

The best shoes are the one that are best for YOU. Everyone's feet and stride are different - no shoe is best for everyone. Go to a good running store. Ask lots of questions. Try a number of pairs. Find what works.

Go to a GOOD running store - not a mall chain but one that specializes in running. You don't want the high school kid in his first job recommending your shoes - you want an expert. Many running stores have a treadmill where you can run. Some will videotape your stride as you run and will help you analyze what shoe will best compliment your running style. Also, a good running store will have a liberal shoe return policy - you can take your new treads for a run or two on the roads and still be able to return them if they don't live up to your expectations.

See these articles on Cool Running:


Is the ______ a Good Shoe?

See above. If it works for YOU, it's a good shoe. If it doesn't, it isn't.

How Long Do Shoes Last?

Most people get 300-500 miles from a pair of shoes.

Lacing and Tying

More than you ever wanted to know about tying your shoes is here. If you practice it a bit, "Ian's Secure Shoelace Knot" works wonders. A simple way to keep your laces from coming untied is to tie them normally and then add a single overhand knot to the loops - but you loose the "pull one string to untie" advantage.

Runner's World ran a great article on how to lace shoes to solve various problems.


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