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Running On The Roads

When  you hate running on treadmills but you don't have access to dry paved trails for your runs, you might have to share the road with big metal machines - also called, CARS!


Running on the shoulder of the road can open great opportunities for nice long runs but also come with a hazardous side. Here are some tips to running on the highways and byways





1. SEE: It amazes me how many times as I drive down two lane roads I come up on runners who are running on the same side of the road as traffic flows! This is SERIOUS NO NO! When you have to run on roads - always run against the traffic - This way - YOU can SEE the cars even if they don't see you!  Think about all those drivers out there texting or talking on the phone; fiddling with their radios or doing their makeup - in a matter of seconds, they serve on to the shoulder. If you're running with the traffic, you'll never see them coming and you're on the evening news.


2. BE SEEN: When I run outside, I always wear brightly colored or reflective clothes - even if it's sunshine and clear outside! I want my outline to stand out from the normal scenery - The contrast will hopefully alert the driver that you're there. I purchased an Iluminite reflective running jacket about 8 years ago - and I can tell you - people see me coming from MILES AWAY (ok - a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. The jacket is on the pricy side (over $100.00) - but there are other options as well. If you know someone in the military or have access to a military PX (BX for the Airforce) - the military uses a reflective belt for their soldiers because they normally do their PT at the break of dawn - I picked one up about 5 years ago while visiting my father near Fort Rucker, Alabama.


3 And Finally: STAY ALERT!: When I'm running on the roads and facing traffic - I make it a point to make EYE CONTACT with the driver of the on coming car - It forces me to make sure he/she sees me and if they don't I know well in advance if there's going to be a problem! Many times, the cars will even move towards the middle of the road and give me even more room. When they do, I respond by waving to them - It's my way of saying, "Thanks" for looking out for me.


Feel free to add others that you might have.





Comments (2)

Good advice and something I will have to think about when on the road.
hey Rich  , a voice from the past here..Icedog..hope your well..funny how old runners always run the same roads
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