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I am looking for a few volunteers. Regular members who are on the site daily and have a passion for our sport. What's involved? Well, simply someone who will help me keep on top of new posts and new members. We are picking up some new members, but when they post, no one is replying to their questions - it could be that there isn't an answer, or their post isn't picked up right away. Or, it could be that our 'Defensio' spam filter has mistakenly placed their post into moderation.


It's too much for just me to keep up with and I'm afraid these new people are being lost in the shuffle. Since we've gone to the Huddler platform, or moderator pool has diminished and I'm not really sure who is here daily.

So - If you are willing to help, please send me PM. These are the requirements:


1. You're here daily

2. You're willing to reply to and keep an eye on new posts so they don't go unanswered

3. You're willing to go into the admin area and review the moderation queue and approve those that need approved and delete those that need deleted.


the pay? none really. I will set your account up for no ad view (if it's no already done) - I will also add you to the moderator queue. As other benefits come available, you will get them as well.


If you're already a moderator and are still here - please send me a note so I can update my records and we can stay on top of this - If you're not a moderator but still believe in this site and are willing to help, then I'd like to hear from you as well.


Any help would be appreciated.



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I';m still around, and try and keep an eye open - Just never seem to have time to post much - Plus the time difference makes it hard to keep in tune with whats going on - But as ever, always willing to help out.... - Liam (Aiming to be at the 2012 Flying Pig - For the 4th time!)
I'd be willing to help.
KickRunners.com › Articles › Kickrunners News