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Guidelines For Kr Contributors

Thank you for becoming a KickRunners Contributor! We're looking forward to sharing your thoughts and ideas with our community.


KickVoices Forum


For now, all of the content created by Contributors will reside in the KickVoices Forum:  http://www.kickrunners.com/forum/list/3160


Before you can post in that forum, we'll need to add you to a special usergroup; other KickRunners members will be able to see and reply to your posts, but only Contributors may start threads in the KickVoices forum.


In addition to a "KR Contributor" badge, members will also have the right and responsibility to act as a moderator within the KickVoices forum. Contributors may:


  • moderate posts and threads in the forum
  • change thread titles
  • access the moderation queue to review flagged content


Before you post:


  • all content must be entirely original
  • spellcheck your post
  • test every embedded link


In general, try to make your posts 500 words or fewer; you can use Microsoft Word or an online tool to perform a word count:  




If your post is longer than 500 words, consider breaking it up into two parts.


Share your work


All KR Contributors are expected to use social media to syndicate their content outside of KickRunners.com. If you don't have a Twitter account, please create one at your earliest convenience. Your Twitter profile should link back to your KickVoices subforum.


Post a link to each of your new threads on Twitter; when you do so, be sure to use a descriptive hashtag like #running #jogging or #triathlon to help other Twitter readers with an interest in these topics find your latest thread.


When you use Facebook to share articles, include a short description that encourages your friends to click through and share your work with other runners.






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KickRunners.com › Articles › Guidelines For Kr Contributors