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Building A Runners Website

Kickrunners.com started over 6 years ago. At the time, and up to about mid 2010, the sites most active forum was, The Post Race Tent. This forum was the gathering place for a lot of people - from varying backgrounds that had met at different sites on the Internet but merged together into that forum.


However, even back in 2004 when we first started this site, we built into forums that focused on running - the original catalyst that brought many of us together. 


And though the Post Race Tent is a fraction of the forum it once was and traffic in that forum is down, over the years, the site has built a phenomenal library of knowledge about just about every topic you could imagine as it relates to running. 


In July of 2010, I partnered with Huddler with the intent of trying to build upon the foundation that 6 years of growth had laid. Maximizing as many social networking tools we can find and moving with a specific intent to use those tools to highlight the great resource this site has become. I believe in this site and in the good people who've contributed to this site and am looking for as many members as I can to help me bring kickrunners.com to the front of the line when it comes to all things running. From running to triathlons; from 5ks to ultra-marathons, this site has something for everyone.


How can you help?

Networks work when, well, we network! So, by using the built in tools of kickrunners.com, you can help us build the site by simply highlighting any running/exercise related post. From your daily run to a question about proper tapering - by using social networking tools, you can let your friends (who may also be runners) know and they, in turn - could possibly contribute to the discussion or even share it with some of their friends.




If only 10 people used the Facebook connect to publish their posts here to facebook and each of them had over 100 people as their friends - that would mean 1000 people who may have an interest in running would read and possibly visit our site! Now imagine if those 100 people then shared? And - so on and so on - pretty soon, 10's of thousands of people would know about the resources here and even more importantly - CONTRIBUTE even MORE knowledge!


To connect to your facebook account, simply click on the "Connect to Facebook" at your login. You don't need to publish every entry - don't worry, the site will pop up an option to let you 'skip' or 'publish' your post - Adding your comment to your FB post.  Give it a try and see what happens!.




If you use Twitter, then you can tweet about a nugget of information you find here or invite others into the running topics of discussion. With sites like: bit.ly (http://www.bit.ly) you can shorten the URL for the thread and maximize your tweet. Kickrunners has a twitter account now - we are following over 100 runners and have 40 already following us - (this is in just 2 months). We update twitter on a daily basis. Each tweet designed to showcase the knowledge and resources this site has collected over the last 7 years. (You can find us on twitter - just search, "Kickrunners"




We have a special feature here that helps us (and YOU) find post where there's been no replies. Imagine being able to quickly scan the entire site with one click to find posts that are looking for answers - Remember the first time you posted? It was probably a question - now imagine if no one answered you? Not very welcoming, hungh?


By clicking on the "unanswered" posts button, you can SEARCH OUT new members and reply to their post and welcome them to the community. You never know when you will be welcoming the next expert to our site. 


How to use the Unanswered Posts Tool:


On a Forum page, click the blue carat that appears to the right of the "New Posts" icon to expose filtering options:



When you click on the 'Unanswered" icon, you'll get a list of every thread posted with no replies. Find the one of interest and simply Reply! It's that easy and you'd be surprised what's being posted!


So, if you're reading this entry in the wiki - and you've found that this site does offer you something beyond just a 'hang out' place and you'd like to let others know about all there is here - would you consider spreading the word?  I believe this site is a great resource and I want to make it known to as many as I can find. I'm looking for new experts and new content and new members and new opportunities to grow as a runner myself. We have the best platform on which we can build - it just takes a few people willing to pitch in!











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